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My monster

No description

Evan Gibbons

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of My monster

My Creation
A monster that is only born every 500 years, its a creature that everyone fears exept for one man. This creature shows up in the poem "Beowulf" where it is the main antagonist. This creature is known to be described as a giant hideous ogre-like Monster, made of inpenetrable leather skin, and sharp canine teeth and long claws. THis monster would seem to get angry at the sounds of joy, and fun then end up murdering any at the source. It only roamed out at night in the swamps torchering helpless animals till death. Lastly the Grendel seemed to stay in or around the country of Denmark!
THe Scylla is a monster of greek origin, and was in a very famous story as the Odyssey. Scylla is a monster sailors described as a terror of the sea, a six headed sea serper, a sea demon. All of the above and more, but she was not always like this she was a beautiful sea nymph until she got jealous of her love going away with someone else. she then turned into a complete monster. a body of growling dogs and multiple snake like heads she devours and attacks anything edible in sight,But she is cursed to stay on her rock forever and cannot move.
By Evan G
mythological Creatures
My mythological creature is pretty simple it's a Giant snake with wings 2 heads and it can breath fire. also it has poisonous fangs. It is very territorial and attacks anything in its domain. It loves climing trees and slithering around in the grass playing with others of it's kind. SOme words to describe it are Tempermental,Territorial and misschievious.
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