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No description

Jesus Martinez

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Tyche

Family Tree
Fathers: Hermes, Zeus, or Oceanus
Mothers: Aphrodite or Tethys
Sisters: Eunomia and Peitho
Brother: Rhodos
Sibling: Hermaphroditus
Powers and Domains
Tyche and Eirene, the goddess of peace, were often portrayed carrying infant Plutos, god of wealth, this speculated that Tyche and Eirene took care of him, this imagery was used to portray a metaphor that good luck and peace bring wealth.
Tyche was given immortality and the powers of a goddess through Zeus after she helped saving Olympus from the scheming of Gaia, during the battle with the titans.
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Origin of Birth
By Jesus Martinez
Goddess of fortune, luck, and prosperity.
Represented “concept” she became an inspiration and intrigue for poets, writers, and philosophers in ancient Greece.
Other powers are her control of chance and fate.
A Horn, symbol of prosperity and riches.
Ball Juggling, epitomizes the uncertainty of chance.
Rudders, symbolizes her ability to steer or guide lives in two directions, creating fortunate and unfortunate chances.
No known origin for Tyche.
Not much information recorded for her.
Offspring of Zeus.
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