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Misadventures of Tom and Huck

An entertaining recount and analysis of ch. 32-43 of Huckleberry Finn

Brittany P

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Misadventures of Tom and Huck

Chapters 32-43 of Huckleberry Finn The Misadventures of Huck and Tom
or Tom and Sid The Phelps' Farm Huck arrives at the Phelps' farm where he knows
Jim is being held. He is greeted by a white woman and her children and a black woman and her kids. Tom Meets Tom Huck goes to meet the incoming steamboat to intercept Tom. Huck asks Tom if he will help him free Jim. Tom agrees. Huck's Plan vs. Tom's Plan Huck wants to steal the key and sneak Jim out of the cabin at night A Plan! Huck knows that Tom's plan is more dangerous and likely to get them all killed. Keeping Track of Yo' Struggles More Tomfoolery Poor Aunt Sally is going crazy trying to figure out where her sheets and knives and stuff keeps going. Complications... Teacher Magic...or What You
Should Know Now... 1. Tom is manipulative, cruel, no better than slaveowners and a lot of other things we can't say in school. His shooting was deserved and he should join the "Characters Who Needed to Die But Didn't" List with Bella Swan and Abigail Williams Huck realizes from the children's actions that blacks and whites are similar The white woman is Tom's Aunt Sally who is expecting Tom. Huck pretends to be Tom and tells her he was delayed by a steamboat accident but no one was hurt. "Only a nigger was killed." As far as Huck has come he still relies on people's inherent racism to make himself seem reliable Huck is disappointed that Tom will help him free Jim. He feels that Tom, unlike him, is a contributing member of society and should not ruin himself by helping to free a slave. Shows that Huck has many self-image issues Tom is annoyed that it is so easy to get Jim out. He says they need to make it more difficult like his books. Oh, geeze. Not again.... BEST PLAN EVAR! Huck and Tom decide to dig Jim out of the cabin. With knives! Pick axes are for losers. And then everything gets
weird Huck sends the doctor to help Tom, but gets found by Silas and is unable to return because Aunt Sally can't bear to lose another child after losing Sid. Tom wants Jim to keep track of the "years" he's been in captivity by marking on a tin plate. Jim MUST keep a journal of his captivity on a shirt in his own BLOOD! There is one small problem with this--Jim can't write The wood in the cabin is too soft for Jim to write on, so the boys want to get the millstone to write on. Ironically, this is too heavy for Huck and Tom to carry themselves, so they get Jim out of the cabin to help Huck carry the stone. Jim was freed! He was outside! They put him back in! Tom could care less about how he makes other people feel. The slave that keeps track of Jim is starting to think all the voices in the cabin must be witches! There's only one cure for that:
bake a Witch Pie! Into which the boys have cleverly baked a rope ladder. For Jim to use to climb out of his non-existent window Problems... Uncle Silas can't find who owns Jim. He decides to put
an ad in the New Orleans and St. Louis papers saying Jim is found. Miss Watson's can't see that! Tom's got a plan. Don't betray me, I wish to be your friend. There is a desperate gang of cutthtroats from over in the Ingean Territory going to steal your runaway nigger to-night, and they have been trying to scare you so as you will stay in the house and not bother them. I am one of the gang, but have got religgion and wish to quit it and lead a honest life again, and will betray the helish design. They will sneak down from northards, along the fence, at midnight exact, with a false key, and go in the nigger's cabin to get him. I am to be off a pieve and blow a tin horn if I see any danger; but stead of that, I will BA like a sheep as soon as they get in and not blow at all; then whilst they are getting his chains loose, you slip there and lock them in, and can kill them at your leasure. Don't do anything but just the way I am telling you, if you do they will suspicion something and raise whooping-jamboreehoo. I do not wish any reward but to know I have done the right thing.
UNKNOWN FRIEND Mob waits at cabin to get the
"gang" The boys and Jim escape through the
hole they dug in the cabin See, Huck, told you it would work Shut up and run, Tom Tom gets shot in the leg as the trio reaches the river Reader: Let him die! Jim: Whatever, we should get
him a doctor Huck: Jim is white on the inside. He wants to
do the right thing Tom is brought in semi-conscious on a mattress. Jim is in chains. Angry Mob: Hang 'im! Jim: *thinking* This is the last time I help these kids Doctor: Hold on! He gave up his freedom to
get the boy medical care Angry Mob: So we can't hang 'im? Doctor: No. Aunt Polly shows up and explains who the
boys really are. They get yelled at. Angry Mob: Let's be nice now! Jim: *Hypocrites* Thanks, suh Tom wakes up with a revelation... Tom: Oh, no one is looking for Jim. Miss Watson died like two months ago and freed you in her will. So you were free this whole time. That was a cool adventure though, right?! I got this awesome bullet souvenir... Jim and Reader: Say What?! Tom: By freeing Jim after her death, Miss Watson does the right thing but she puts it off until her slave's freedom can't effect her. The same way the South and America in general put off the race issue after the Civil War So Now What? Tom wants to run off to Injun country with Huck. Huck makes a brilliant decision not to go anywhere else with Tom Jim tells Huck that he can go get his money since Pap was that body they found on the houseboat way back Tom gives Jim $40 and ride home on a steamboat for his troubles. That doesn't even begin to cover the amount of therapy he is going to need... Aunt Sally wants to sivilize Huck and he tells her "thanks but no thanks." Mostly he's just glad this whole book writing thing is over 2. Jim is the only person who looks like a good person and responsible adult. Everyone else has made a complete fool out of themselves in one way or another. Final Score: Jim: 5 White People: 0 3. Huck is hardly perfect, but he has matured a lot on his journey and established his own sense of right and wrong. This kid is going to be okay. He is off to seek freedom from society in Oklahoma. 4. Society is really corrupt. Even when they "solve" a problem, like slavery, they just replace it with a new and equally bad issue like segregation. If you want to be a good person you are way better off on a raft...Guess Thoreau was right. 5. Twain wants us to think about what it really means to have morality and equality. Is it possible?
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