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implementing blended learning

No description

Tim Krell

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of implementing blended learning

Implementing Blended Learning
Step 1: Prepare
A blended Christian high school
represents a paradigm shift where
the student's skills and interests
become the center of the school.
CSIonline Academy is developing a sustainable, flexible, lower-cost model

- Student development, discipleship, stewardship, and service

- Exceed minimum high school graduation requirements

- Align with knowledge, skills, and competencies for the 21st century
Three Components of
A Blended High School
Online Instruction: 40-60%

CSIonline Academy provides online courses and Christian teachers
Some student work will be done outside of school building
Classroom Instruction: 30-50%
The local school provides learning spaces, certified teachers,
mentors, and learning coaches.
Incorporate project-based, inquiry learning into classes
Help students develop a Personal Learning Plan
Community Learning: 10-30%
Blended schools take advantage of community assets
Develop key skills and fluencies for the 21st century
Step 2: Plan
Learning Goals
Online learning allows Common Core standards
to be interwoven into the curriculum
Student Outcomes
Your program relies on clearly defined student outcomes
Great goals are attainable, specific, and measurable
Online environment provides a unique student experience:
- Personal Learning Plan
- Flexibility
- Availability
- Engaging methods
- Relevant information
- Personal pacing
- Regular progress reports
- Engagement with peers and mentors
- Assistance as needed
- Rigorous challenges and opportunities
Flexible Student Schedules
In-Class Instruction
The "learning seminar" will help prepare students for the "learning commons" part of their day.
Collaborative Work Time
School teaching faculty will be available for learning facilitation, support, and advising.
Take place in rooms equipped for group work.
Group Online Instruction
"Learning lab" for an entire group of students progressing on the same content at the same time.
Supervised by non-teaching staff.
Personal Online Electives
"a la carte learning" may extend to after- school hours.
Community-Based Learning
- Working with local authors and artists
- Internships
- Participation on local sporting teams
- Private music lessons
- Fitness training
- Serve at a local non-profit organization
Step 3: Implement
Find a Leader
A leader is key in providing support
Serve as the primary contact between the school and CSIonline Academy
Ensure that all phases of the startup plan are handled appropriately and
in a timely fashion
Lead the strategic conversation
CSIonline Academy is prepared to
assist in explaining blended learning.
We can offer a short presentation
and a demonstration of our courses
via webinar.
It is important to involve your stakeholders
Get the support of current teachers, parents and students
Step 4: What's Next?
Contact tkrell@csionline.org
Ask for blended learning resource packet
Get answers to your questions
Start talking with key people in your school
Arrange for a course demonstration (mdamghani@csionline.org)


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