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No description

Helena Adam

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of HACKING

Mindset of a hacker involves patience, competence and skill.
1. Programming Language
2. Know Your Target
3. Protect yourself
4. Test the Target
4. Get to know the operating system
5. Find an open port in the system
6. Crack the password
7. Get super user priviledges
8. Use various tricks
9. Create a backdoor
10.Cover your tracks

A rainbow table
The Ultimate Truth behind "Hacking"
What is hacking ?
How Do You Protect Against Hacking ??
They want to explore and overcome barriers in the software world.
Hackers also share what they have found with other hackers to save time for them, they work collectively.
Competence and concentration is important.
Hacking is good?

Hacking is bad?

Ultimately,what do you think?
Hacking is usually defined as the breaking of codes and passwords to gain unauthorized access to computer systems. However, its actually not that simple. Hacking encompasses a wide range of activities.
Here are the main 6 types of hacking , website hacking , network hacking , ethical hacking , password hacking , computer hacking , online banking hacking , email hacking.
An ethical hacker is a computer and networking expert who systematically attempts to penetrate a computer system or network on behalf of its owners for the purpose of finding security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit.
Therefore , hacking can be a beneficial thing and it does not immediately mean committing a crime.

Aaron Swartz
Able to retrieve lost information
Reminds us that our technology is not 100% secure/safe
How to Hack?
How Does A Firewall Prevent Hacking From Happening?
Why? Cause of the rainbow tables!
1. When a password is "tried" against a system it is "hashed"
using encryption so that the actual password is never
viewed in clear text.
2. Rainbow Tables match the hash to plaintext passwords.
Basically, a firewall examines electronic data coming in or out of a computer (or network) and compares it to the rules it's given.If the data matches the rules,it's allowed to pass.If it doesn't,its blocked.
Testing on how protected your networks
What Is Considered a
Hackers are able to exploit their hacking softwares to investigate on cyber-criminal cases.
Strong Password
How you protect your computer against hacking: Part 3
At least 8 characters

Contains both upper case and lower case characters.

Includes digits,punctuation characters as well as letters.

What does Backdoor mean?

A backdoor is a technique in which a system security mechanism is bypassed undetectably to access a computer or its data. The backdoor access method is sometimes written by the programmer who develops a program.

A backdoor is also sometimes known as a trapdoor.
Weak Password
Less than 8 characters

White hat hackers :
Contains the same case characters
word or number patterns like abcdef,012345
Gray-hat hackers:

They normally attempt to vandalize a computer system without permission but then informing the organization later on.
Black hat hackers :

Transporting drugs through online.
checking out people's bank account
Destroying other networks .
Adrian Lamo
Vinton Cerf
To install malicious software.
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