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Lung Cancer

Biology Per.5

Franky colin

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Lung Cancer

Types of lung cancer
There are 2 types of lung cancer -
Is it treatable?
Lung Cancer
What is small cell lung cancer?
What is non small cell lung cancer?
About 85% to 90% of lung cancers are non small cell lung cancer.
Named for it's size when seen through a microscope
There are 3 main types of Non small cell lung cancer
by Franky Colin, Ralph Ramos and Michael Cetina
The symptoms of lung
cancer are:
- Coughing
- Chest pain
- Shoulder pain
Small cell lung cancer
Non small cell lung cancer
Symptoms of Lung cancer
- Long lasting coughs
- Coughing up blood in small amounts
- Shortness of breath
-Chest pain

•Uncontrolled growth of a cell in one or both lungs
•As the cells grow, they form tumors
•These tumors interfere with the
functioning of the lungs which provide
oxygen to the entire body.
• It is Environmental
•In it's early stages, lung cancer does not show any signs or symptoms
•When lung cancer reaches critical stages, it starts to
show symptoms
Causes include:
•Smoking (Primarily caused by smoking)
•Exposure to environmental carcinogen
•Exposure to radon gas
•Air pollution
•Lowered immunity

Carcinogen -
Any substance or radiation that is involved with causing cancer.
• 10-15% of all lung cancers are small cell
• Named for it's size when seen through a
• Often starts in the bronchi and tends to grow
and spread quickly
• Usually spreads to distant parts in the body
before it is found
Can it be Prevented?
Can be prevented as long as you:
Lung cancer can be treated.
It depends on what stage it is in.
Most of the stages of lung cancer can be treated with surgery.
Critical stages of lung cancer can be treated with radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery or targeted therapy
•Refrain from smoking
•Stay away from environmental
•Do physical activity
•Maintain a diet
- Adenocarcinoma
- Squamous cell carcinoma
- Large cell carcinoma
There is only one outcome of
this disease and that is death because cancer is still incurable
People affected in 2014 (In the US)
• About 224,210 new cases of Lung cancer
(115,990 Men and 108,210 Women)
• Estimated 159,260 deaths
(86,930 Men and 72,330 Women)
Question Time!
• People at the age of 60+ would have
more chances of encountering lung cancer
because they'd have naturally breathed in
more smoke than younger people
• #1 biggest cancer killer worldwide
1. What method can be used to treat most stages of lung cancer?
American Lung Association - "Fighting for Air"
• American Lung Association helps those who are
in need of attention and also helps prevent lung
cancer for those who don't have it
Lung Cancer Foundation of America
• Lung Cancer Foundation of America gives treatments to those in need
• Looks for a cure and will not rest
2. At What age are you most likely vulnerable to lung cancer?
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