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Twelfth Night vs She's the Man

No description

Hannah Whitney

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Twelfth Night vs She's the Man

Twelfth Night
She's the Man Character Comparison Shakespeare's Influence Morality Similar Characters Duke Orsino
Sebastian Different Characters Malvolio Places *Pizza Parlor: Cesario's
*London: where Sebastian goes
*Stratford Country Club
*Windsor Hall Dorm Details *Viola's Hat *Horatio: Illyria Principle *Bulletin Board: advertising for "What You Will" *Viola's "I am the man!" She's the Man Cross Dressing Shakespeare always has a common thread of cross dressing throughout his plays
Unleashes gender and sexual ambiguity with possibilities of confusion
Fails in "Shes the Man"
"She's the Man" never brought on the homoerotic implications that Twelfth Night did Gender Roles Shows how easy it is to move between gender roles
Gender roles are permeable with their boundaries and identities
Competing models of female Identity
Athlete vs Debutant She's the Man takes after Twelfth Night but is focused on its teen audience therefore eliminating Shakespeare's underlying issues. Cesario Olivia’s steward in Twelfth Night
"Feste" the clown in Twelfth Night, is the last name of Malcolm in She’s The Man.
Malvolio is Malcolm’s tarantula in She’s The Man In Twelfth Night, this is the name of Viola's male identity
She's the Man:
Cesario disguise = Sebastian disguise Supporting Roles Antonio
the sea captain in the Twelfth Night
The last name of Paul, Viola’s hair dresser in She’s The Man
Andrew and Toby
a man who loves Olivia and Olivia’s uncle in Twelfth Night
Duke Orsino’s soccer friends in She’s The Man
Duke Orsino’s page in Twelfth Night
the last name of Monique, one of Viola’s friends in She’s The Man *Sketch of Shakespeare in
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