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Dante's Inferno Canto 26

No description

robert riddle

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Dante's Inferno Canto 26

Dante's Inferno Canto 26
Canto 26 lines 25-32
" As many as the fireflies the peasant while resting on a hillside in the season when he who lights the world least hides his face just when the fly gives way to the mosquito, sees glimmering below, down in the valley, there where perhaps he gathers grapes and tills-so many were the flames that glittered in the eighth abyss"

Summary of Plot
-Dante sarcastically prides Florentines for being famous on earth and hell.
-Dante notices flickering flames deep in the valley, and Virgil says that each sinner in this 8th pouch is inside one.
-When Dante discovers two sinners inside one flame, Virgil tells him that it is Ulysses and Diomedes stuck in one flame, because they committed the same sin together.
-Finally Virgial ask Ulysses of how he died, because Dante couldn't speak the same language as they did.
-Ulysses tells Virgil of his last voyage when his ship sank.
Important Characters
of course

-(Odysseus)-Greek hero

-Partner of Ulysses who helped him with a sin we'll talk about later.
Fraudulent counselors
- The act of giving false advice or misleading for better selfish fortune.
Being Cunning is not a virtue of Dante's
-The sinner is in the eighth pouch stuck in a burning flame surrounded by a dark valley for eternity.
-Trickery in life caused destruction and internal fires with nations, cities, and people; therefore the sinners must burn for eternity in their own flames. Just like the ones they caused in people.
-Since they had internal flames of anger or desire to deceive their enemy hidden, now they must where their flames over themselves to show that they have that burning desire to deceive.
The reason that Ulysses and Diemedes were stuck in one flame together is because they committed the sin of a fraudulent counselor when they

-Built the Trojan Horse
-In order to deceive their enemy that they had given up, however the Greek army was inside it ready to sack the city at night.

They politically and militarily deceived others
-Dante and Virgil look from the edge down at the glistening sinners in their flames. -DORE
-A visual of what the sinners looked like
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