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The Discovery

No description

Kaitlin Parisi

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of The Discovery

-Hindus and Muslims are currently still fighting since the ignition of a train carrying Hindus on Feburary 2002.
-Current events are short-termed (most).
There are forseeable solutions to there current events.
Document current events/ Conflicts
We did our interview over email, but we learned some new things about the Hinduism religion. It was very fasinating to learn even more about their cultures and how they worship gods/goddess. We had a great time learning about the Hindu culture. Some of the things that stood out to us were when he says" I pray Vishnu more. It gives strength to handle the problem" because it shows how everyone is different and worships different gods/goddess depending on their situations.Another thing that stood out to us was when he mentions that children touch the feet of their elders to show respect. His description of Hinduism is very similar to our description and he talks about everything we explain though our research.

Monotheistic Polytheistic
Magada Sanskirt
Small(300-400M) Bigger (1 Bill.)
2500 years ago 3000 B.C.

- Both include an aray of pictures and status.
- Both religions do not have prophets.
Buddhism vs. Hinduism
Similarites and Differences
1. What is the history of the religion and people?
-Traceable roots with Aryans
2. What is the current status of the religion in the world?
-Hinduism accounts for an approx. 13.26% of the total population of 6.677 billion people. It's growing at about 1.52% annually with 885 million followers. It can be located in India, SE Asia, Figi, Finnland, Suvedar, Malyasia, Swizerland.
3.How do the people of the religion practice their faith?
-Devotion to God, 4 stages-Brahmacharga, Grastha, Vanaprastha, and Sanngasu.
B- During school year and focuses on knowledge and devolping character
G- "middle years" worldly pursuits in pleasure (marriage, children, etc..)
V. Transition from childhood to adulthood; increase focus on spiritual teachings
S- Last years of a life, one may abonden world entirely for a life of contemlation.
1.What is the history of the religion and the people?
-Siddharta Gautama discovers that asceticism is almost unsatisfaction and follows a path for six years before deciding that the middle path between mortification of the body will provide enlightment.
2.What is the current status of the religion in the world?
- 2.488 million/ 6% of the world's population. Located in SE Asia, Thailand, China, Japan, USA, European Countries.
3.How do people of the religion practice their faith?
-Meditation- central focus of Zen prayers wheels- assists in reciting mantras with a turn of a wheel
The Discovery
Interview Question and Answers
Primary Source
H- Hinduism beliefs in the Sacred Book of the East.
A- All the people that are in the Hindu Religion.
P- Explain into detail about the Caste System and what they believe in
P- The laws of Manu is biased because it would benefit the followers who follow these rules so they can have a good after life.
Y- It is important because it states the beliefs Hinduism followers practice.
Primary Source Cont...
The Primary source helps us understand our religion better because it gives you a different perspective towards Hinduism. It helps you to think differently about how they do there practices and how they worship their gods/ goddess.
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