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S.S. project Dare Stones

No description

Jaydon Buls

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of S.S. project Dare Stones

The lost colony of Roanoke
Dare Stones Scientists say only 8 are
Reliable dare stones. There are 48 Dare stones Scientist say 40 are fake No real evidence though Indians drove the lost colony out. Found traces of the colony 50 miles west Dare stone approved ON DARE STONES Stones tell us that the indians drove them out far from north carolina. Doyden tries to get people to believe that the
stones were fake! He failed to get people to believe that all were fake but forty were. The 8 others were
were real but
Scientists think that more than 8 are real. Also found indian traces. Writing on the dare stone said
god have mercy
and God bring... Some told of the colonys fate. Others said they settled in the Nachooch valley
and they are all writtian in elizabethian writeing But the first stone witch said that they settled in the Nachooch valley is different in size and shape. All of the dare stones are talking about the colony but we still don't believe they are real 1. Who did the dare stones say that drove off the colonists 2.How many dare stones were there 3.How many miles away from north carolina did they go. 4. How many dare stones were reliable 5. What place that starts with
an N that the dare stones
said they went.
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