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Emely Becker

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of ADOLF HITLER

in Concentrationcamps
The war
Table of contents
His goals and imaginations
April 2015
Hännah & Emely
General Information
..and Holocaust
Jewish Expulsion
- the NAZIS and their accomplices committed numerous mass crimes and genocide.
- Genocide of jews or the jewish expulsion, which was the holocaust.
- about six million Jews were brutally tortured and murdered in concentration camps.
1. Adolf Hitler
1.1 Personal Details → pictures
1.2 Goals & Imaginations
2. The war
2.1 jewish expulsion & Holocaust
2.2 Gerhard Menzel
2.3 Tortures in Conentrationcamps →important names
2.4 Wetzlar during "The Great War"
3. "SS" ; "NSDAP" ; and "GESTAPO"
4. Important Concentrationcamps
5. The Catholic church
Gerhard Menzel
a victim who survived
- there lived 147 jewish People, but many emigrated so there were only 132 jews

His wife -Eva Braun
His Parents -Alois & Klara Hitler
Josef Mengele
-he tortured the people with terrible medicine experiments
-was camp doctor in the concentration camp in Auschwitz
Some Details
-afterwarts he was searched as a Concentration camp warcriminal, but never got caught
about JosefMengele
His Experiments
"Watercancer"- Epidemic
- rare bacterial infection
- a long process that ends with dead (mostly bloodpoisoning)
- condition → weak immunesystem
- instructed someone of the "prisoners" to draw the faces with the diseases
- took someone's infected mucous membranes of the mouth and imported it to healthy children to see what happens
- in his calculation died 3000 people
(mainly children)
"Eyes from Auschwitz"
- opportunity to change the color of the iris
- put liquids into kids' eyes
result → the eyes began to swell, ulcerate, turn red
as well blindness and dead
- not only jewish people
There were many more experiments but we didn't think that it would be necessary to list them all
Aribert Heim
- was an austrian-german Doctor and a member of the SS
- since 1962 elusive and was searched per international warrant
- aka "Dr. Tod" and "Schlächter von Mauthausen"
- was #1 of the most searched war criminals of the Simon Wiesenthal Center
Some Details
about Aribert Heim
- tortured many people with unnecessary surgeries and injected liquids
His experiments
- injected gasoline and chemicals in their hearts and made meticulous notes
- took out organs from healthy "prisoners" without any anesthetic
There were still more experiments but he also...
...tinkered Lampshades from the earned skin of jewish "prisoners"
... looked for people with a healthy jaw to kill them and took the skulls as decor on his desk
- an important person is Heinrich Himmler, he is one of the main responsible people
What do you think of when you hear "Adolf Hitler"?
We think of:
the Holocaust
People who suffered
thousands of people who died
2nd Worldwar
inhuman handling
Carl Clauberg
Some Details
about Carl Clauberg
- a german gynecologist
- as a SS- doctor he made many forced sterilizations on female "prisoners"
sterilization means that you can't give a birth anymore
- first on animals then got allowed to try on women
- wanted a "negative demographie" in the "east-folks"
His experiments
- Sterilizations on hundreds of women
- Ernst Leitz, a businessman from Wetzlar saved 41 Jewish People from the access of the Nazi's
- forced laborers had to work in the arms industry, for shelter of the bombs they had to work undergrounded
- in the end of the "great" war, there were roughly 4000 to 5000 forced laborers and POW's in the
region of Wetzlar
POW= prisoners of war
- Wetzlar was the main focus for Industry →means that it was a big goal for grievous bombattacks

destroyed the trainstation quarter and the borough Niedergirmes to the most of their parts
- but the historical oldtown apart, from the Dome, was largely spared
- got tortured in Bad Nenndorf, a "place of Horror" he said in an Interview
- People there were hit to cripples, whipped, starved, hung up on their wrists and burned with cigarettes

some people killed themselves because of desperation
His Story
- he was 23 years old → today he's 89 years old
- has three scars right beside his pulse artery
- tried to cut off his arms, but as a punishment he got hit in his stomach
- got doused with icecold water although there were minus temperatures in the room
- til today he can't handle the things they did to him
- because of his fear to get caught again he wore a pistol under his jacket for years
Concentrationcamp Bad Nenndorf
The SS
- abbreviation for "security squad"
the sign of the SS
- founded on 4th April 1925 from Hitler as his personal Bodyguard and Punishment squad
- the residence was in the Prinz-Albrecht street (today Niederkirchener street) in Berlin-Kreuzberg
- from 1934 they had the control about the concentration camps
- in the time of the Nazism they were the importanst Terror- and surpressionsorgan in the german empire
Nazism = Nationalsozialismus
- was decisively involved on the planning and enforcement of the the war criminals and criminals against the human rights

forbidden after 1945
- means "national socalistic german workers' party"
Slogan: Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer
- founded in the Weimarer republic
- a politic party, which goal was to pass the democracy and the Marxism
- they wanted radical Antisemitism and Nazism
Summary: Antisemitism
it's a Judeophobia justified with nazism, racism and social darwinism which is up in Europe since 1800
and led, in the from the german empire occupied Europe, to the Holocaust
the emblem of the NSDAP with the imperial eagle
- was organized as a tight Leaderparty
- people with blue eyes, blonde hair, tall and muscular
- pure raced germans
- only they were allowed to give a birth to children

race was called Arier
- conquer countries in east-Europe
- the jewish should be killed
- superiority about all nations
>Birth: 20.04.1889, Braunau am Inn, Austria
>Parents: Alois and Klara Hitler
>Wife: Eva Braun (married 1945)
> 1933 to 1945 dictator of the german empire
> 1921 chairman of the NSDAP
> 1923 attack of the Weimarer republic
- abbreviaton for "geheime Staatspolizei "
- responsible for the "gross", torture and spying
- were feared
Some Concentrationcamps
... that everyone should know
> Auschwitz
> Dachau
> Buchenwald
> Sachsenhausen
We think it's an insolence to write
'Arbeit macht frei': Indeed you had
a job but you couldn't be happy,
because you literally working to
- is in Poland
- had a double using: 1. Concentrationcamp
2. extermination camp
- consists on the extermination camp
Birkenau, the labor camp Monowitz and
50 other satellite camps
- all over Europe people were transported
per train, 90% were jews
- the countries of origin were Belgium,
Germany, France, Greece, Hungary and
many more
- the number of deaths is about 1,1- 1,5 million people
The catholic church
in connection with the "great" war
during the "great" war
- is in Bavaria, Germany
- liberation of the US army: 29.04.1945
- "opening": 22.03.1933
- was the first concentrationcamp,
which was operated 12 years

one of most famous CC's
20 km north-west from Munich
- initially used to deter and arrest people with another politic opinion
- one of the biggest CC's on german soil
- between July 1937 and April 1945 was conducted as a labor camp in Weimar
- roughly 250.000 people from all over Europe were arrested in there

56.000 casualties, 11.800 were Jews
- 1936 national socalistic german Concentrationcamp
- in Sandhausen a borough of Oranienburg, northern from Berlin
- because of the near to Berlin and thereby to the head office of the Gestapo this CC had a "special role" in the CC-System
- it was a training location for CC- comanders and the guards in the whole potency area
( similar to the CC in Dachau)
- 200.000 POW's were deported to Sachsenhausen, but only 140.000 were registered
- in August 1941 a mass shooting system was established

13.000 to 18.000 soviet POW's were shot
- til 1933 the catholic church was opposed to the Nazism
- they weren't allowed to be a member of the NSDAP
- they tried to fix their being through the dictatorship
influenced the catholic members to vote
for the Nazism
- in the Nazi regime the changed their opinion against the Nazism
is the enforcement (violently or with surpression) of the power of a person or a group of people

- in the kingdom concordat between the kingdom government and the vatican were extensive rights of the german catholic church fixed
- the catholic bishops detected that the Nazi- Regime neglect the concordat
- many catholic spirituals were chased and impeached
- pope Pius XI expressed his opinion in the document "sorrow with burning"

this made the struggle of the church more drastic
They clamed up to the chasing of the jews
This was our presentation about Adolf Hitler
Thanks for listening and for your attention!

> in school he wasn't such a nerd and he had bad grades
Summary: Social darwinism
a social sciences theory-direction that representes a biological determinism
in the 2nd half of the 19th century and til the first worldwar very "popular"
Summary: Marxism

is a influential political, scientific flow that is attributed to communism and also socialism
is the pact between a state and the vatican
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