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Why study english?

No description

Lauren Ornelas

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of Why study english?

Unpacking the Standards
You will be working with a group of students to "unpack" our ELA standards and search for meaning in them. You will be answering the question, "Why Study English?" with an original piece of art that will be displayed in our classroom this year.
Close Reading
To understand the standard fully, you must first do a close reading of your assigned standard with your group. A close reading is a thoughtful, critical analysis of a text that focuses on significant details and patterns. While you do this, you will use the following
thinking notes
After doing a close read of your standard, you need to research certain key terms of your standard. You need to identify and define a minimum of
10 key words
Action Plan
Once you have a clear understanding of your standard, you should begin creating an action plan. This will look like rough draft of your collage on white paper. This action plan should detail the specifics of what you will include in your collage and why. Remember, you must be able to justify each item and color used on your collage.
Final Product
When all of the other steps have been completed, your group will spend time actually creating your collage and rationale. You will present these pieces of art to the class as you explain your standard in detail. This is your
major assignment of the nine weeks!
For each standard, you will be making a collage representing that specific standard. I will provide you with paint, paintbrushes, paper, and a small canvas. If you would like to use any other materials,
you must bring them
Why study english?
Highlight any words that are repeated
Circle any phrases that bring an image to mind
Put a question mark beside anything that you don't understand
Put an exclamation mark beside anything that you think is important.

How will my group be successful?
Your group will work together to create jobs and group norms. Remember, in our class, a group member may be fired if they are not working to the groups standard and following the norms. Please make sure you are communicating effectively and being a positive team player.
Day 1 Checklist
By the end of the day, your group should:
1) Have group norms and jobs created.
2) Complete a close reading of your standard using the thinking notes.
3) Compile your list of key words with definitions.
Day 2 Checklist
By the end of Day 2, you should:
1) Have your action plan and rough draft completed.
2) Have a rough form of your rationale completed which details each of the items on your collage.
3) Make plans for any extra materials that will be needed.
4) Complete your Critical Friends.
Day 3 checklist
By the end of Day 3, you should:
1) Have your completed collage.
2) Type the final draft of your rationale.
3) Be prepared for your presentation with notes. **You MUST have a backup plan in case someone is absent.
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