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Abigail Williams


Ronika Ray

on 24 December 2012

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Transcript of Abigail Williams

(leader of girls in the woods) Abigail Williams Innocent and kind/caring for friends because at first she seemed genuinely concerned about her friend that could not waken from their sleep. But in reality she was worried about herself and if the truth got found out. First Impression Abigail is in love with John Proctor and attempts to make a potion to kill his wife so she can have John all to herself. She has drunk blood during the making of the potion. She was also accused for witchcraft, but blames Tituba for witchcraft. Problems/Concerns The girls are afraid of her because Abigail threatens them that if they told anyone about what happened in the forest, she would get them. Some characters think she is innocent because she hid the truth from them. Other characters know how her true self is, which is selfish and unkind. What characters think of her She is in love with John Proctor and hates his wife. She thinks little of her friends/the girls that got dragged into the situation. She mainly only cares for John. What Abigail thinks of others Abigail is the niece of Reverend Paris. She is an orphan and an unmarried girl. She recently had an affair with John Proctor and was accused for witchcraft. Abigail's Background Abigail does not change for the good during the development of the story. She only becomes more and more deceitful and enlarges the web of lies, by having more victims blamed for witchcraft and hung. Character Development Character's view on herself Abigail views herself as faithful to John Proctor because she does not want anyone else and she believes that what she is doing isn't as big of a deal as it should be.
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