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Hazyn Rambo

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of Italy

Some of the Holidays are New years day, Epiphany, Easter Monday, and Liberation Day.
The natural resources of Italy are coal and zinc
Italy is a constitutional republic with a Multi-Party system
Basic Info
Italy, It is Located above the Mediterranean sea, south part of Europe.
The current 2013 census population of Italy is 59.83 million.
The most common tongue in Italy is Italian.
Rome is the capital of Italy and has been the center of this area for many hundreds of years.
Italy is surrounded by bodies of water including Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and the Tyrrhenian Sea.
The Alps and The Apennines are 2 major mountain ranges that run through Italy
Many of Italy's cities attract tourists and is a very important part to Italy's income, these cities include Rome, Venice, and Florence.
Italy is proximately 116,347 Square Miles
Air pollution is the biggest geographical concern currently in Italy
About 88% of the population in Italy belong to the Roman Catholic Church.
Italian food is something everyone knows, Pasta, Pizza, Lasagna.
The average life expectancy of Italians is 82.94 Years.
The GDP per capita is lower than most other 1st world countries
The current President is Sergio Mattarella and the current Prime Minister of Italy is Mao Renzi
Italy is a 1st world country
The goods produced in Italy are machines, vehicles
Mostly tourism and service jobs are prominent in Italy

Italy uses the euro as a currency
The GNP of Italy was 2.126 Trillion dollars as of 2013
The temperature in Italy is different everywhere you go
There is around 30-40 inches of rain every year
50 degrees Fahrenheit is the average temperature
Snow covered expansions, fauna moves away from Italy
The main cause of death from natural disasters in Italy is earthquakes.
Interesting Facts
Italians use trains everyday to get around.
They wanted the "Tri-Color" design cause they thought it resembled something great.
A man can be arrested for wearing a skirt in public.
Plan your budget cause everything is way overpriced
Eagles, Bears, Wolves, and Marmots are all common in Italy.
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