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LIBR 204 - TNRD Strategic Plan

No description

Laura tenPas

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of LIBR 204 - TNRD Strategic Plan

Implement data collection to understand patron needs, improve programming,
& increase community awareness of library resources. Foundation Rural libraries: Technology & Outreach Goal Goal Goal Challenges: LIBRARY SYSTEM STRATEGIC PLAN literacy

lives through knowledge, information, & service

with users to enrich, educate, & empower

our region to be the best to live, work, & play Education Mission 21st century learning, recreation, & information needs

expectations through innovative services

information literacy

the community’s quality of life Vision Values Equity Diversity Intellectual Freedom Innovation Service
16 + 1 Literature Review Findings
With a new director, the goal to develop one was set, & our Libr 204 team stepped in to help... What? A strategic plan? "Thanks for forcing me to work on my strategic plan." -- Marc Saunders, Director of TNRD Library Thompson-Nicola Regional District Library
(TNRD) 140,000 people
over 45,000 km2
Seema Sairam Claudine Taillac Laura ten Pas John Wu TNRD & Outreach Solutions: Strengths Weaknesses TNRD & Technology Strengths Weaknesses Just Another Department... $$$ Local Government: $6.3M
Other Sources: $1.1M THE GOOD: majority of funding is set & includes 1% annual increase THE BAD: surpluses can be redirected to other departments Low population = Low funding access issues everything is far apart Staff dislike change Tech is $$$ PROGRAMS Book vending Online tutorials facebook.com/TNRDLibrarySystem pinterest.com/TNRDLibrary Objectives Understand needs of patrons & non-users Objectives Objectives Select & implement practices of high-impact nonprofits described in “Forces for Good” TNRD:
good to great Securely Funded Explore technologies that allow creative & sustainable alternative delivery of services to remote communities Redesign bookmobile program:
optimal route, frequency, service model, & future. Develop matrix to identify TNRD communities that can support brick & mortar branches Test 3M Cloud Library & other e-book programs. Expand self check program to other branches & explore adding RFID Evaluate benefits of automated materials handling Establish strong partnership with Determine which rural communities would benefit from a shared physical space used by multiple community services Objectives Increase training
& professional development Update job descriptions Create employee recognition program Identify desirable, promotable
staff for mentorship Explore a staff scholarship program Identify optimal technology mix to best serve current & future TNRD communities; determine where & when to implement Improve staff performance & professionalism Build communities & form strategic partnerships Excellent facilities Cooperation with regional government Autonomous Tech Supported Focused on Service Professionally linked with BC libraries Increase community awareness (marketing!) of library programming & resources Identify new target communities & plan best-service model Open-source system too expensive and unreliable Upcoming elections may lead to reassignment of the libraries, creating fiscal uncertainty Competition: Bring in student interns Simplify scheduling Explore new circulation collections to attract new patrons Improve programming & increase circulation Implement standardized, statistical data collection & process for regular analysis No strategic plan! Bookmobile brings the library "home" to rural users and has higher circ stats than some brick-and-mortar branches Access the library's e-book catalog now, anywhere, any time! Web 2.0 RFID: automation and efficiency No wifi on bookmobile No marketing plan to promote programming Much of the district is rural and unreachable Lack of support for new programming at smaller branches ("our patrons aren't interested in graphic novels")
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