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ESP Writing course design

No description

Zwesty Aridasarie

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of ESP Writing course design

ESP Writing
Course Design Fluency brainstorming
rough draft
revised draft
final draft Evaluation Accuracy English tenses:
simple present & continuous tense
simple past tense
simple future tense
Markers: punctuations, capital letters, etc. COURSE AGREEMENT you can skip the class but no more than 3 times.
you do not need to text me the reason of being absent, but please be alarmed with the date you skip the class.
the most tolerable late coming is 15 minutes.
when the lecturer does not attend the class without any info, you can just leave her. Meeting schedule fluency --> the way you express your ideas into writing.
accuracy --> the correctness of grammatical rules. Standard of the course: LECTURER PROFILE ZWESTY ARIDASARIE
0818 0505 1766
bellissimozy88@gmail.com 1. content
2. flow of the ideas
3. coherence
4. grammatical correctness
5. creativity
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