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Twin Telepathy

Inquiry Project in ELA

Kerstin Lugue

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Twin Telepathy

A mysterious bond between twins
Twin Telepathy: Does it exist?
Twin Telepathy
A paranormal phenomenon of twin telepathy
Fact or Fiction?
Twins seem to share a sense of emotional connection with each other, and many report a feeling of dicomfort when the other is in trouble.
A texas man sat down with a stabbing pain in the heart while shopping, only to find out later that his twin brother had been shot in the heart in New York.
One baby would cy profusely, bringing his mother's attention to the other twin, who was sleeping in another crib, suffering from high fever.
One question that constantly surrounds twins has to do with the existence of a possible connection that the pair might share. Are they truly Telepathic? Genetic research of identical twins has indicated that they communicate each other in different ways other than the ones used by normal siblings. Identical twins are also thought to have same brainwaves. The genetic closeness between identical twins gifts them an intensive extra sensory perception
Mr. Mahoney ELA 10-1
by: Kerstin Joyce Lugue
ELA Inquiry Project
Twins can either be identical or fraternal. Identical twins evolve from one zygote that splits into two embryos. A general stereotype about twins is that they are clones. They act alike, look alike, and are expected to be "identical". However, the term identical twins actually refers to the type of twinning, and describes how they form, not what they look like.
A common myth about identical twins is that they have the same DNA while research proves that identical twins do not share identical DNA.
Through Telepathy a twin can sense what the other twin is thinking or feeling, even if they are not in the same place. It acts as a "sixth sense" between the twins. The closeness between identical twins genetically plays a large part in why the experience telepathy often. Many people believe that the closeness of identical twins gives the "extra sensory perception". It is the ability to acquire information without relying on the physical sense. Telepathy tends to occur more in pairs of identical twins, yet it is noted in fraternal as well. Twins' brains working in the same way explains how many twins know how the other would respond to something.
Twin Telepathy : Fact or Fiction?
"Most people have telepathic techniques"
This theory does not mean that people should be experiencing telepathy on a daily basis, it simply means that the ability is there, but most people "have tuned their body to ignore the signal. Although people have the ability, they dont listen to it, or let it work. For example, mothers with newborns, their closeness allowed them to sense when someone or something close to them was in danger, and they acted on those closeness. Twins just tend to more "in tune" to this ability. This takes telepathy out of the paranormal and into the common, explainable experience that it really is.
Does twins have telepathic ability?
Is it possible for identical twins to possess a form of telepathy?
Is it just a Fiction?
Yes, its possible for twins to possess a form of telepathy.Well, I believe that everyone has telepathic ability but twins just have a special connection which makes their telepathic ability stronger than normal people. Many researches have been conducted to twins about telepathy that is why many people think that telepathy is just for twins. Most commonly twins have that ability but normal people that doesn't have twins have the ability but doesn't use it very often.
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