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Locating the business

No description

Chris conrad

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Locating the business

Locating the business
One of the first decisions a manufacturing company must take is where to locate the business.

Availability of Raw materials
if a manufacturer must process raw materials it must have a reliable supply of those materials

Transportation methods
the company must decide how to obtain the materials needed to manufacture the products and how it will ship the products to customers.

Supply and cost of energy and water
The costs and supply of energy that manufacturers use is an important consideration in production planning.

Land and building costs
Some companies can operate in small buildings, but others may need several hundred acres of land.

Labor supply
Well trained employees are an important part of most manufacturing operations.
Location of customers
just as some companies need to locate near the source of raw materials others may consider the location of their customers

Economic and legal factors
a company also considers the type and amount of taxes it must pay in the location of its manufacturing facilities.

Production planning
Building Layout a manufacturer must organize it's facilities, equipment, and materials to produce products efficiency

Improving Production processes Improving quality and productivity has been one of the most important challenges facing businesses in the last decade.
Important Vocabulary slide 1
Important vocabulary slide 2
Quality management- the process of assuring product quality by developing standards for all operations

Computer-aided design (CAD)- engineers can design and test products before they are even built.

Computer-integrated manufacturing- in this process all manufacturing systems are designed and managed with computers.
Inventory management-
is planning the quantities of materials and supplies needed for production and the number of finished products required to fill customer orders.
Human resource planning -
is determining the types of jobs required for each part of production, the number of
people needed for each job, and the skills each person will need in order to do the job.
Production scheduling-
is identifying the steps required in a manufacturing process, the time required to complete each step, and the sequence of the steps.
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