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What's Your Border Story?

No description

Selina Schweitzer

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of What's Your Border Story?

What's Your Border Story?
Mexico to US
I crossed the border before I was born. My mother walked from Mexico to the United States through the desert while she was pregnant with me. Because of her I crossed a border hundred of thousands of people have died trying to cross.
Canada to U.S.
I toured Glacier and Waterton National Parkes-Easy border crossing on a tour bus
U.S. to Canada
Walked across the US/Canada border
U.S. to Mexico
Took a friend with C.O.P.D to Mexico in 9/2011 to receive a stem cell procedure. "Last Chance/New Hope"
U.S. to Bordeaux, France
I lived here for a year that's where I left my <3
Hungary to France to U.S.
My dad was kicked out of Hungary in the '80s becase his theatre pices were too radical. Hethen hitchiked through Europe until he found asylum in France. After a year Grance decided they didn't want political refugees and he was evicted. He aplied to the US and got in and moved to New York. He gained citizenship in 1987 ata ceremony in Elis Island. Eventually he made his way to LA where he now lives. He met my mother ona trip to Japan and she moved to LA with him. Both my parents still travel for business.
Thailand to Cambodia
Cross 'Em all here
Maggie Nanny
I flew over the border in order to visit our relatives and tour China for the first time in three years. It almost felt like home but not-our parents roots are in China
U.s. to Japan
Where my parents met. Neither were native of Japan
U.S. to Hong Kong
Hong Kong to China a boat ride there to visit my father's ancestral village with the run down streets and tapping rain and an incovenience due to age
U.S. to Syria
Bombing is sort of our way of helping you
U.S. to Montreal
Quebec is exactly like entering France. Feelins still around the city and province centered around separating from Canada
Alex Bitro
Ireland to Dublin
Crossed from nothern ireland to Dublin
Kelly Yuen
New York
I immigrated to the States
U.S. to Panama
I was on a trip
California to Kentucky
I know it is in the U.S. but the south is another cultural world entirely
Morianne Rya
U.S. to Switzerland
Cern near Geneva
Participated in post pipeline environmental project
Elizabeth Herrera
California to Mazatican Mexico
Very forgetable family vacation
U.S. to Mexico
We got lost crossing the border
Mexico to San Diego
Another San Diego gone North
U.S. to Mexico
I moved 50 pounds of grass
U.S. to Tijuana, Mexico
I lost my car keys in Tijuana
Saigon to U.S.
This is where they called it home. They hope to return to a better Saigon
Texas to California
From Texas to California I never knew how much of a change this would be!
Vietnam - California, U.S.
My parents left Vietnam after the war ended. I don't know much about their stories and was too afraid to ask them about it. I would imagine the journey was hard, to say the least. My father lost his first wife and two of his four children. He made a life in southern California as a landscaper and put his two children through school. He met my mother in the late 80s and they were married the year before I was born. (1998)
Ontario, Canada to U.S.
My mother was born in Ontario, I love visiting, and always feel a little sad when leaving there.
Louisiana to California to Florida
Vacation trip with stops in Baton Rouge, LA-Florida and the to Nassau.
Yugoslavia to U.S.
Communist Yugoslavia. Guards armed with machine guns.
The border between the wealthy, the poor, and sanity
The border between reality and fantasy
colombia- amazing country! Visited family in Medellia for family reunion. Also traveled to cartagena
Planted Trees-Nia
From Peru with love Emily escanli and bridgette
California to Chile
LA-> Santiago

Stephen J
Kayleigh Mendoza

Argentina Foreign Exchange Program
Ally Celones

studied in Chile and traveled to Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Easter Island and Mexico
Crossed the border between fantasy and reality
I ain't comin' back!
Voyager 1

Having left the heliosphere voyager is the first extension of humanity to cross the border into intangible space!
spent a month here in the summer
We walked across the bridge over the zombiez river to visit our daughter in zombiez
I hired 2 boys with pirogye (dugout canous) to row me across the river border from central africa republic to cameroun. We drivted way downstream of duane customs office. I had no visa
spent 10 days in Abuja visiting my daughter in the foreign service!
went to niagra falls with family for an hour
Lubec Maine

hitch-hiked to the eastern most city on the continent US from OC, Ca took me 3 months
I forgot this was a border

flew from california to columbus ohio. Saw my first snowfall at 30 years old
I was born in South Dakota I was a friend with Adeline we had playdate with each other
walked from WA to CA via SW to meet my malcom 5 friends to celebrate 50 years since we met here at UCD
From default world into Black Rock City pretty much still there
Xd the Border!
Placer County to YOLO County to be in the degenertaitve artshow! took me 45 minutes to get here and $8.00 to park. Good journey, great show. Klusa
pacific oceans summer travel
taiwan, japan
Visited wonderful Vancouver and Jictoria on a cruis
Alaskan cruise

so much food
Davis to Reno

UNR football game
I love california
california is a good state
Jenna son
Philmont scout ranch
Arizona for a quidditch tournament
us -> Mexican border
rosario orta
when I was a baby I went with my mom to TJ
Mariela Vega
I came to the US from Caraca, sinaloa Mexico at the age of 8 years old
Luve Aiden to San Diego
Jasmine Natividad
Karla Santos <3
My family is originally from Argentina. I was born in Los Angeles
Visiting family
pura vida!
taught in Haiti

from the delta of Louisiana to the delta of california so far apart and yet so close in so many ways!
study abroad is awesome

performed the intergallactic nemeiss in scotland out the imaginative festivals
Communist yugoslavia study abroad
they destroyed my key chain for having a nonlive bullet on it
my family and I saw Daniel Radcliffes show and we got to meet him! :)
crossed northern islands into Dublin it was beautiful
nyc to hamburg abroad QM2
encountered single french canadian lower here and helped her with supplies after storm damage on her historic crossing canada to france
I studied abroad!
USA to GER to MALTA to ITL to USA #archaeology
It is hard to find a taxi in Greece that will take you to the border of Macedonia. We had to walk across. If we didn't have connections we may not have had such an easy time entering the country
Haley Depressi

Italy-> the US
Italy -> Poland

I just left after visiting my homeland for the first time in 15 years. I never felt as I did amazing there <3
Made me get cholera shot needle not clean. got hepatitus
Scouting for the wild ancestor of chickpea. Detained u suspicion of archaeology. Served tea in gordorme's office
Visited the wifey's home in the former USSR (glad she escaped)
N------> UNE

I lived here for 4 years! I learned that I am not who I though I was and figure out what I wanted to do with my LIFE
Earthquake as leaving customs
Anadwan, Maharashtra
winter 2013
project rishi

Big Daddy Twerking Competition
I want to travel all over Asia

one day...

May the odds be ever be in your favor
Helped to monitor health of growing animals with earthworm
Art art art art art art

Amy 02-02-14
China to macao to hongkong
I was mad at my mom and took a bus to Zhubhai city, crossed the border to Maezo and took a boat to Hongkong where I went shopping. AFteer I took a train to Shenzhen in Guazydong an dbussed back to Kdiping county
Crossed border to guanyzoa to ad our little girl clar bret gdo qing Yue hewitt. bret hewitt and deb pinkerton 5/3/14
Pho Le

My family and I visited an orphanage in the countryside and did charity work. Also rode an elephant for the first time

went to vietnam, thailand, cambodia over the summer. ate a lot fferent foods and got fat. saw anedwan and other awesome things
Adventures in Loas and Thailand. Adventures in 1st communist country

six weeks in thailand and cambodia. sure beats unemployment. Don't forget to stay sensitive to the world
I spent the summer in Bejing and visited my cousins
Maggie Many
USA ---> China

I flew over the border in order to visit relatives and see china for the first time in 3 years. almost a sense of home, but not-as my parents roots are in china

land of friendly people and major pollution

Hong kong to china (guazong) a boat ride there to visit my father's ancestral village with the run down streets and tapping rain and an inconvenience due to age
I want to come back right now
Sarah Son
My mom and dad were born in Korea. My grandma and grandfather live in Korea. I have visited there
Sandra S

My family is from South Korea
Where I was born and lived for 22 years
worked for toyota for 2 weeks in aichiprefecture
noone speaks english there!
I did a job I was not qualified for but I spent time with the boy and hiked Mt. Fuji


Jasmin Mamla <3

I lived here the first 15 years of my life. I don't know if I should go back

Born here
Quezan city. Left when I was 5.Can't wait to go back to Mabuhay
Abigail Lucena

I went to visit my father since he left when I was 16 years old

Flew over these mountains going to Beijing

visited my dad and stepmom who live on the big island. Hawai is GORGEOUS!
Plan Here

Joan Reagan

Taught math in NSW Australia

Hiked the Milford Track and toured south island
Lived in Kampala for 2 months!
crossed from masai mara to serengeti on safari
spent 3 weeks vising a women's health clinic at the base of mt. kilimanjaro
saying that I've been here would be like crossing the border between truth and fiction
Panama- just passing through on the way home
Helen :)

Performed at the awmc on Broadway at the August Wilson Theater. Flew over moutnains and lakes. Beautiful!

Family Vacation to Paris, Lone Valley, and Normandy.WW2 memorial and beaches are very impactful
I lived here for a year. That's where I left my heart <3

Clark and Derk
amazing spring break in Amsterdam
Visiting the newest member of my family in Israel
Thank you Davis for not calling the cops on me as I slept behind the dumpster with very nice cardboard
I toured glacier and waterton National parks
easy border crossing on a tour bus
I crossed the Montreal border
La Discubierta en La Republica
A spring education abroad program changed me. I might buy a one way ticket
Pura Vida!
vacation at Blue Grass Music camp in Sarrento British Columbia
The border my mom crossed when she left
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