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Ravens Gate

No description

christopher kobylarz

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Ravens Gate

Plot There are 2 main characters:
Mrs. Deverill
These characters have been a major part of the story from the very begging .
However to make a good story there must be supporting characters like these:
Richard Characters Ravens Gate has several city locations:
Lesser Malling
Greater Malling
In Ravens Gate there are also many building/house locations that were a big part of the story
Hive Hall
Omega One
The Greater Malling Gazette Setting Problem Throughout the story Matt struggles a lot and has many problems and questions. However the main problem was how to get out of Hive Hall To make things better in his life and time at Hive Hall Matt had to find a solution to his problem with Mrs. Deverill. In order to solve the problem Matt had to in list the help of Tom, Mallory, and Richard. In the end Mrs. D wasn't a problem any more. The rising action:
When Matt broke into the warehouse
He was sent to the police officer
Him going to Hive Hall By: Chris and Trisha RAVEN'S GATE Solution
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