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The Odyssey

No description


on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of The Odyssey

The Odyssey
Books 13 and 14

Book 13
Odysseus was in the hall of the king of the
Phaeacians, retelling the events of his
journey to return home. Taking pity
on him the Phaeacians agreed
to take Odysseus home to Ithaca.

When Odysseus finally
reached Ithaca, he was
greeted on its shores by
the gray-eyed goddess
herself, Athena. She
expressed to him that she
had come to help himrid his
home of the suitors
who burdened his family.
The Phaeacians did not have such
luck however. Enraged, Poseidon
stuck down upon the Phaeacians
ship,sinking it with a rock just
mere miles away from their
Back in Ithaca, Athena had
conjured up a plan to assist
Odysseus in expelling the suitors.
Odysseus was to be transformed
into an elderly beggar and go take
shelter with the swineherd until
Athena returned home with
Telemachus.with there plan
established, Athena and Odysseus
parted ways, Athena taking to the
sea to bring Telemachus home
while Odysseus traveled inland
to the swineherd.

Figurative Language
"Driving the ship so hard she ran up onto the beach for a good half her length..." pg. 290
"When young Dawn with her rose-red fingers shone once more..." pg. 287
"And now I am here with you once more, to weave a scheme with you..." pg. 296
"Sooner the earth will swallow down a few of those young gallants..." pg. 300
Epic Simile
"As a man aches for his evening meal when all day long his brace of wine-dark oxen have dragged the bolted plowshare down a fallow field - how welcome the setting sun to him, the going home to supper, yes, though his knees buckle, struggling home at last. So welcome to Odysseus the setting light of day..." pg. 287
"And the ship like a four-horse team careering down the plain, all breaking as one with the whiplash cracking smartly, leaping with hooves high to run the course in no time- so the stern hove high and plunged with the seething rollers crashing dark in her wake as on she surged, unwavering..." pg. 289
Odysseus- Hero; when he returns home, he plans to kill the suitors to free himself and his family of them forever. This was a very heroic deed.
Athena- Magician; she did everything she could to ensure that Odysseus arrived home once and for all.
The Hero's Journey
Odysseus is at the point of the story when he returns home, though he still has a series of conflicts awaiting him. Athena, Odysseus's aid, generates a plan for him to resolve these problems.
"...Still as the sound of death itself..." pg. 289
Word Choice
"...with one quick stroke of my bronze spear in the dead of the night, the heavens pitch-black..." pg. 295
"'You terrible man, foxy, ingenious, never tired of twists and tricks- so, not even here, on native soil, would you give up those wily tales that warm the cockles of your heart!'" pg. 296
"'Clearly I might have died the same ignoble death as Agamemnon, bled white in my own house too, if you have never revealed this to me now, goddess, point by point.'" pg. 299
Book 14
After Odysseus and Athena go their separate ways, Odysseus travels to Eumaeus, the swineherd. Eumaeus is very kind to him and gives him a good meal, although he does not know that it is Odysseus. Eumaeus begins telling his guest of the many great things that Odysseus has done, and he grieves for his lost master. Odysseus tells the man a prophecy, saying that in no more than one month, Odysseus will return, but Eumaeus disregards his news, exhausted from the many false claims made by other travelers. Later Odysseus lies to Eumaeus, saying that he is from Crete, and that he fought with Odysseus in the Trojan War. He tells the swineherd that he lost all of his wealth when his voyage home went awry, but that he heard news of Odysseus’ safety during the trip. Eumaeus takes a liking towards the stranger and lets him stay the night in his hut, never realizing that it was Odysseus the entire time.

Book 14 Summary
Word Choice
"Then you can tell me where you're from, and all the pains you've weathered." pg. 303
"Friends, wake up. I slept and a god sent down a dream." pg. 317
"Eumaeus flung on his guest a heavy flaring cloak he kept in reserve to wear when winter brought some wild storm." pg. 318
"...just under a jutting crag that broke the North Wind's blast." pg. 318
"Suddenly- those snarling dogs spotted Odysseus, charging him fast- a shatter of barks" pg. 302
Photo Gallery
Figurative Language
"'Oh make me young again and the strength inside me steady as a rock!'" pg. 317
"Eumaeus flung on his guest the heavy flaring cloak he kept in reserve to where when winter brought some wild storm." pg. 318
Photo Gallery
Discussion Questions
Why did Poseidon punish the Phaeacians?
What did Athena plan for Odysseus in order to gain revenge on the suitors?
What can you conclude about the Swineherd's attitude towards Odysseus?
Eumaeus (The Swineherd)-The Caregiver; he goes completely out of his way to provide shelter for Odysseus. You can tell that he cares for his job by the way he sleeps outside every night with the pigs.
King Alcinous- 'The Majestic King.'
Athena- 'Bright Eyed Goddess.'
Odysseus- 'The Great Odysseus.'
Eumaeus- 'The Loyal Swineherd.'
Odysseus- 'The Great Odysseus.'
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