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Diane Dowling

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Our Journey
The Middle
We discussed issues, conclusions, reasons and such
Who knew argumentation involved so much???
We rationalized, assumed and examined our values each day
To help our minds think in a new and different way
The Middle ...some more!
Next came syllogisms-what kind of word is that?
If B follows A, then Diane must like cats?????
We spoke about media with all their tricks of the trade
Can we believe anything or are we always being played?

We shared our opinions all the while being nice
Although I did have to read from policies once or twice!!!
We have grown as a group and will continue to thrive
Towards a career in health care for which each of you strive

Almost the End.......
Each one of you has something special inside
Move forward to your dreams with joy and pride
Study hard, stay strong, the end is in sight
And the pay off with school is so worth the fight!

You have shared your time with me for the past 14 weeks
As we all turned into Critical Thinking geeks!
I have enjoyed the journey and hope you have too
Sadly, the short time together has so quickly flew
The Beginning
Our journey began 3 months ago
71 new faces-all fresh and aglow
Six subjects to study-this was your quest
It soon became clear COMM 42 was the best (heehee)

My final words to you are simple and few
You don't know how much I will miss each of you
You are my students; a part of my nest
I wish everyone of you the very best

I thank you for taking this journey with me
May your dreams be reached, whatever they be
I hope to see most of you in BScN
And wish you the best, until we meet again!
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