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Samsung-Media Planning

No description

Madeline Low

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Samsung-Media Planning

Lee Jun Yong 1001026320
Lee Yee Lin 1001026816
Madeline Low Mei Sin 1001128105
Jamaloodeen Irshaad 1001027670
Jaba Habila Adamu 1000818152 SAMSUNG S3 Samsung S3 Product Launching in Malaysia: May 2012

Tagline: Designed for Humans

Campaign Theme: Be Competitive Target Audience Where To Best Advertise? Which Medium To Use? When To Best Advertise? How Often To Advertise? Primary target (18-25years old)
Gen Y audience
Middle Income
Young working adults Demographics Tech savvy/ Trendy
Open to experimentation
Me-culture Psychographics User involvement
User status Behavioral Characteristics Main City Area in Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley)
Petaling Jaya
Johor Bahru Geographical Focus Scheduling BURST DRIP BigBang TV commercial:
Before 2 months of the launch until the end.

Morning 7-10am
Evening 5-9pm Printing Media

Friday until Monday.
3 month duration
- 3rd Front Right
- Full Page Colour


Launching Week COMPETITIVE
Position the Samsung S3 brand as the best
out there, “The Next Big Thing” that beats
everything else in the current market. Major Selling Idea Television Radio Outdoor
Advertisement Social Media Newspaper ABOVE THE LINE
(ATL) Samsung store
Give out flyers about S3 during the roadshow about the launching – gives information about features and design Below The Line Start informing about roadshow campaign Phase 3 Continuous Advertising will be spread across all medium
to increase sales to S3 Launching of S3 Divided into 3 sections in the period of 6 months Timing of Advertising Ads will be done to build hype, build anticipation and excitement Phase 1 Ads will be more frequent in all media Phase 2 Objective: Build Hype by Teasing

TV Commercial, Cinemas
Outdoor Billboard, Public Transport Ads
Use QR Code > Animation as Teaser

Tagline: Phase 1 “Something Big is Coming Your Way” Objective: Build Anticipation

The last month before the official launch

>Media vehicles will show the product
>Ads will be more frequent
>Advertise about the Roadshow Competition

Events in the last month before official launch (focused Radio and Social Media) Phase 2
Selecting apps
Sharing photos on Facebook
Taking pictures of each other and setting to Profile Picture
Send an MMS

In high traffic shopping malls
The first 20 participants in each location
Leading to Exclusive Pre-Launch Event Campaign Event –
Roadshow Competition Objective: Produce Sales

Using Social Media to share the Roadshow competition highlights.
Newspapers Phase 3 National Stations :
Astro (eg: ESPN, AXN, WahLaiToi, MTV)

High reach and frequency
Can target audience according to programmes – Prime Time Shows (high ratings)
Can use audio and visual to engage audience Television English stations: RedFM, HitzFM, FlyFM
Chinese: OneFM, 988FM, MYFM
Malay: HotFM, EraFM, SinarFM Radio Targeting young adults who drive/travel to college/ work
Uses creative scripts
Let listener imagine
Be informative about products and events Billboards in public areas – LRT/KTM stations, taxis

High reach and frequency
Use creative design
Specific location/region
Specific size/space
Can place in Point of Purchase Outdoor Advertising Social Media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Can target primary audience
High reach and frequency
Fast, Updated and Convenient
Save cost Billboards & Mobile Ads in public areas:
LRT/KTM stations
Taxis/ Bus

High frequency
Use creative design
Specific location/region
Specific size/space
Can place in Point of Purchase Outdoor Advertising Nationwide Issues
> English Medium – TheStar & TheSun
> Chinese Medium & Malay Medium – China Press
Sin Chew Daily, Berita Harian Newspaper High reach and frequency
Uses creative with design – Full Colour/Full Page
Can target working adults
Provide ample information High traffic shopping mall- MidValley (Boulevard) or KLCC
Celebrities: Mizz Nina, Yuna
Public figures: Lee Chong Wei
Famous Bloggers: Cheeserland S3 Launching !!! Crucial Media Question Media Objectives 1) Awareness
To reach enthusiast phone users of age & income
To Concentrate where the target audience will be found.
To select proper media
To reach target buyers through those media to gain greater frequency and lesser cost per opportunity.

2) Compete with other brand
To compete against existing competitors product
Appeals to existing segments of the market. 3) Brand Positioning
Reasons to buy in preference to others
Creating a brand offer to be top-of-mind
Identifying & determining point of similarity & difference to ascertain the right brand (key to market strategy) 4) Comparison
Is it unique/distinctive vs competitors
More efficient
Easy to use. Increase Brand Awareness by 15%

Increase brand loyalty by 10%

Increase brand interest 20%

For a duration of 6 months Ads Adapt based on Local Taste
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