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Camera Presentation

No description

Jasmine Backoff

on 23 May 2015

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Transcript of Camera Presentation

The History of the Camera
Categories of Cameras
PC Magazine
classifies the various types of cameras on the market into 6 general categories.
Other tech and camera companies may have slight differences in opinion when they apply by their standards classify them according to the special features or other unique capabilities that a certain camera has; however in general the 6 include: -->
Specifically Apple Products:
Capturing the Beauty of the World:
Types of Cameras and Lenses

Jasmine Backoff
Darrin Joe
Margaret McKee
Jessica Medina
Paola Robles
Camera Lenses
-simply expain what camera lense
iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch all use the
same type of camera- iSight
The most up-to-date iSight has a new signal processor that increases the speed of capturing photos.
Latest in iSight
8 Megapixels
New Sensor that has better auto focus & advanced noise reduction.
The sensor has 1.5 micron pixels
The Aperture is f/2.2 & the camera has a 5-element lens architecture.
Focus pixels that read the light from the subject & help with phase detection autofocus.
Panoramas can stitch together images, creating a total of 43 megapixels in an image.
Smartphone Cameras

Ultra compact Cameras

Digital SLRs
Compact Cameras
Small and affordable
reasonably good pictures
fewer pro features
What is a compact camera?
- any digital camera with a
non-removable lens
smallest, typically thinnest, camera you can get.
fits everywhere and won't get in your way.
Easily fits into pocket
often more expensive than compact camera
Too bulky to fit in pocket
Precise controls and features
better lenses
superior image quality and performance
higher price: 600-1000$
The concept of cameras was used since the 4th century B.C - Aristotle and Euclid = Pinhole

Then camera obscura was invented in 1021 AD, by Ibn al-Haytham. It was used to watch solar eclipse and as an aid to drawing.
Camera obscura buildings still exist and are in use today.
Camera obscura at the University of North Carolina
Cameras gradually evolved to be small and portable enough.
Camera by Johann Zahn in 1685
Dry Plates cameras since 1855.
First camera that was small enough to be hand-held.
Dry Plates cameras were used as detective cameras.
Did you know?
"Aprox, 3.5 trillion photos have been taken since the first camera was invented, 178 years ago. The global photo count is rising quickly due to the accessibility of digital cameras and camera phones. Today, more pictures are taken every two minutes than were taken in the 1800s. It's estimated that 10% of all photos ever taken were taken in the last 12 months. Aprox, 140 billion photos have been uploaded to Facebook, that's 10,000 times the number of photos in the library of Congress"
Generally small and light
Easy to use
Better image quality than a camera phone
Often no viewfinder,
Small sensor - limits image quality
Control over settings may be limited
More precise controls, features, and better lenses.
Superior image quality and performance.
Compact Cameras
Enthusiasts Camera
A mix of high end compact cameras that come with unique features such as those found in 'Superzoom' Cameras.
Hybrid Cameras

Casop Exlim Pro EX-P505
$ 499.99
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-M1
$ 599.95
Pentax Optio MX4
$ 300
Cameras with high resolution AND adjustable or interchangeable lenses;
There are various types of lenses,
Some that have overall effect on end product/image/picutre.
Others used for purposes like better quality OR better (manual) precision control.
Although this cameras are considered to be the top of the line cameras; usually considered ones that 'professional' or 'passionate' photographers use, there are also everyday people who are just as passionate as they are.
Cameras provide the medium that tell you about the world of photography and the beauty that suceh a device can capture for a lifetime.
Many consumers buy D-SLR camera
Its their hobby, and
There are hundreds and thousands of photographers.
Whether first camera or the next one.
D-SLRs are wonderful in every aspect and way, but truly is an investment.
Consider yourself an amateur that knows the fundamentals;
D-SLRs are a class of digital cameras that are truly appreciated and understands the qualities that
Panasonic Lumix
DMC-FZ15--> $
DMC-FZ20--> $

Kodak EasyShare Dx7590


Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H1


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ4

Kodak EasyShare Z7590

Kodak EasyShare Z740


Konica Minolta DiMage Z5

Other types of
have qualities and features a bit more advanced and considered to produce higher quality images and purely focus on wat is known as '
optical zoom
Optical Zoom
- "Refers to a lens that can change its focal length in order to vary its view from wide angle to telephoto. Such lens systems are generally somewhat large, and require a great deal of physical 3D space on a mobile device to implement."
Fujifilm FinePix S5100

Olympus Camedia C-765 Ultra Zoom

- Cameras that have 10X greate opical zoom lenses and currently top out at 5 MP.
- Cameras that can shoot videos better than most other cameras; has features that of a camcorder such as:
"Digital SLR (D-SLRs)"
- Cameras meant for professionals and serious amateurs; they have true through-the-lens (TTL) optical viewfinders.
1) Compact Cameras

2) Ultracompacts

3) Enthusiasts

4) Hybrid

5) Superzoom

6) Digital DSLR (D-DSLRs)
Konica Minolt Maxxum 7D
OIympus Evolt E-300
Digital SLRs
Coming Attractions:

.Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT

Digital SLR
Top of the line D-SLR currently on market:
-Canon EOS 20D
5 Star rating/review
Price Range



Depending on region and location

- Considered to be 'LIGHTEST' Digital SLR in the world
- Made/Designed in Germany
Short Video
Optical zoom
Capable of such features while shooting videos, when others have simple video capabilities.
Offer most control over images.
AND can also accep various lenses.
Performance/Image quaility rival those of 35 mm film SLRs.
35 mm film SLRs-
Even shoots well on automatic settings
Quickly consumes batteries.
Allowing only a few pictuers to be taken
Technical/Advanced cameras that must learned to be used by practice.
The viewfinder's mirror blocks the LCD until you press the shutter button.
AND you can't frame shots ny use of LCD.
Thus its difficult and you must take time to find the right one that is for you.
Have 10X or greater optical zoom lenses.
Currently top out at 5 MP.
Typically have image stabilization feature; although (NOT ALL)
Cost less than enthusiasts models ranging:
Usually large, although just as powerful enough; when comparted to enthusiasts models
Although 'optical zoom' may seem as a plus REMEBER--> as zoom increases so do the amplications of your shakes increases.
This causes difficulty in caputring the image that you want.
Few models come with an image stabilizer set feature; however not all of them do.
Has video capabilities that are better than most cameras that only come with standard simplistic video features.
Shoots stills & MPEG4 video (small in data size, thus saves more of camera's internal storage
Also additonal external memory cards abvailable
Features are usually average and image quaility mediocre
Such featuresOptical Zoom/Focus/Rebalance
comapared to 'enthusiast' and 'D-SLR cameras'
Optical Zoom/Focus/Rebalance
Great for casual clips. Great for when your on the run or simply like taking little clips whereever you go.
Not the best of qualities or features; but does have various amounts.
Very hard to see the screen in the sun.
Doesn't usually have such feature as view finder
So you really got to ai at what your tryin to take a picture of.

High quality photos
Can be expensive
Endless variety of lenses
Fisheye Lens
Not for compact cameras
Captures a wide angle of an area in one photo, usually 180 degrees
Popular in landscape, extreme sport, and artistic photography
Fisheye Lens
Fisheye Lens
Images produced are highly distorted, giving them an abstract feel
Wide panoramas of landscapes and the sky
Close-up subjects
Action Sports
Fisheye Lens
Fisheye lenses suffer from "barrel distortion", where subjects at the center of the frame appear to bulge outwards, and straight lines curve wildly. This type of image is known as a "curvilinear" image.
Fisheye Lens
Fisheye Lens
Range in price starting from $200 and up
Cheap alternative?
Resolution is typically in the range of 1/10 to 1/2 as many megapixels as contemporary low end compact digital cameras.
Major manufacturers of cameras for phones include Toshiba, ST Micro, Sharp, Omnivision, and Aptina
Advantages of Using a Smartphone Camera:
More affordable
Less to carry with you on the go
For many people they are easier to use than a complex digital camera
It is easier to upload photos on social media from than plugging in your camera.
Fixed-focus lenses and smaller sensors limit their performance in poor lighting.
Lacking a physical shutter, some have a long shutter lag. Flash, where present, is usually weak.
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