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Rules of Procedure

No description

Frank chi

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Rules of Procedure

MUN Rules of Procedure
Conference in session
General Rules
How it begins?
Lots of people
Everyone has something to say
Emotions may run high
Regulate Speakers
Regulate Time
Country name read alphabetically
Present and voting
General Speaker's List
Speaker's Time: 1 min

Yield to chair
Yield to another delegate
Yield to question
Motion to…
Two of which…
Moderated caucus
Unmoderated caucus

May not interrupt speaker, may only be raised when the floor is open
Moderated Caucus
Eg. Motion for a moderated caucus on the topic of poverty specific to the region of sub-Saharan Africa for 10 minutes with each speaker speaking time 30 seconds
Unmoderated Caucus
Allows delegates to get up and walk around
Total time and purposes are needed to motion.
Good time to discuss your working paper
Good time to know people and make some allies!
Good time to simply take a break!
Point of personal privilege
Personal …
Anything that obstructs you from further participation
Point of parliamentary inquiry
Any questions you have regarding rules
Point of order
Used to indicate a mistake in the application of rules

(only point allowed to interrupt speaker)
Point of personal privilege and point of order
Working Paper
May be in any form
Approved by the Chair
Sharing of ideas
Draft Resolution
1/5 signatures
approval of the Chair
Raise a motion
Up to two speakers against
Technical Against
2/3 majority
Procedural Voting
All voting except draft resolutions
All delegations are required to vote
Abstentions are not allowed

Only one resolution may pass
Roll call voting may be requested
Substantive Voting
Reordering Draft Resolutions
Motion must be raised immediately
Motions will be taken on the order of DR’s to be voted on
Voting will continue until one has passed or all have failed
Roll Call Voting
Motion must be raised
Starts with randomly selected member
Proceeds in alphabetic order
2nd round: FOR/AGAINST
Motion is raised whenever the floor is open
Motion may be ruled out of order
Not debatable
Simple majority
Suspension/Adjournment of Meeting
End of the meeting!!!
For draft resolutions
Voting Procedure!!
Raise a motion
Operative clauses are read
Voting procedure
Q&A session
Introduction of a Draft Resolution
Purpose of ROP!!
General Speaker's List
Closure Of Debate
Vote for Draft Resolution
Secondary Speaker's List
by Frank Chi
Voting for the motion only means you think it deserve to be discussed
No Yielding!!
Motion to introduce the amendment.
Amend any DR on the floor
signatures of 1/8
New speaker's list for &against the amendment
Motion to close the debate of the amendment(2/3 majority)
Vote for the introduction of the amendment
4 elements of Model United Nations
Rules Of Procedure
Two phases
Let's get started!!
Two motions in this phase!
Those who wish to be put on the General Speaker's List, please raised your placard

Start with a formal greeting
"Honorable Chair and distinguished delegates"
"Dear chair and fellow delegates"
"Your excellencies "
Delegate: Motion for a moderated caucus 
Chair: For purpose of?
Delegate: For the purpose of bla bla bla...
Chair: That is in order, for the total time?
Delegate: 10 minutes
Chair: Each speaker's time?
Delegate: 1 min
Delegate: Motion for a unmoderated caucus 
Chair: For purpose of?
Delegate: For the purpose of bla bla bla...
Chair: That is in order, for the total time?
Delegate: 10 minutes(Up to 20mins)
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