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Madeline Harris

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

White &
Dwarf Freud's
Fairy Tales
Harris Snow White suffers from
paranoid schizophrenia.
The Dwarf suffers from
Dissociative Identity Disorder.
He seems to have 7 different
identities that have very different
emotions and actions.
The Queen suffers from Narcissistic
Personality Disorder. She believes that
she is the best and that none other is
anywhere near as beautiful as she. Once upon a time, there was a Queen
who lived in a castle of the Black Forest.
But it wasn't like any ordinary castle.
This castle was dark , with clouds of evil
towering above. Around the castle was a
swamp, full of dead animals, killed by the
acid in the water that appeared only
during the night. Inside, the Queen was
given a piece of mail, carried to her by a
vulture, which worked as her servant.
The mail consisted of a letter, from the
King of The White Castle, an enemy of the
Queen. She opened the letter, and it read:
"To all of the White Castle, The Green
Meadow, the Snow Forest, and The Black
Forest, I, the King of the White Castle,
announce, personally, the birthday of the
beautiful princess, Snow White, my
daughter. She shall be named the Beauty
of All Lands. A ball will be held in the
ballroom of the White Castle, to honor the
celebration. Hope to see all here. - King." The Queen was not particularly happy
about the news.
"Nobody shall be the fairest of
all lands except for myself!"
Her parents were royal in the Forest,
when it was once a beautiful kingdom in
the forest, known as the Green
Forest. When her parents were killed by
a group of hunters, the clouds in the sky
grew dark and evil, turning it into the
Black Forest. Nobody would take her in
because they didn't believe there was any
hope left for her. The Queen was left alone,
to worry about her own survival. She
wanted her revenge, so she sent out
everyone in the kingdom, declaring that
she shall rule the dark lands. She then
realized how much power she held. It was
then that she believed that she was the
fairest of them all, and evil took her. She
became a witch, and turned the Green
Forest to dark. No animals were left, for
the evil in the air killed them. The Queen then sends a hunter to
kidnap the beautiful princess, giving
him orders to bring her back to the
Black Forest, alive. She had plans to
poison her mind, and keep her in her
kingdom as a servant, no longer
leaving her as a beautiful princess, but
a horrid creature. With orders, the hunter
went out in search for the princess, to
capture her and bring her back to the Queen.
He ventured out into the Green Meadow,
finding the princess prancing around
the Meadow. He was about to.charge at her,
when something caught his attention. She
began to sing, and her faint, but beautiful voice
fascinated him, and he no longer felt the need
to do as the Queen wished. He threw his weapon out
onto the ground, startling the princess. She realized
that he was a hunter, and took off running. Out of his
trance, the hunter then came to his senses and started to
run after the princess, but he eventually lost her.
Meanwhile, the princess ran so far, trying to find somewhere
to hide, not knowing that she was no longer being chased.
She then trips on something, or someone, and falls to the ground. She gets up to see what it was that tripped her.
She finds it's arms and pulled him up, why, it was a dwarf! As she helps the dwarf to his feet,
he noticed that there were tears
streaking down her face.
"My, what is the matter young
girl?" said the dwarf.
"I-I was being chased by a hunter
and I think I lost him, but I just
need to find somewhere to hide,
maybe you could help me?"
"No, you'll have to find someone else
to help you, because I will not."
The dwarf then apologized for his rude
"That was Grumpy, he never really
cares for the company of others, my
apology fair lady."
The princess was speechless. The dwarf
realized that, and said:
"Why, yes, I shall help you with whatever
you please. I know somewhere you can hide.
Follow me."
The dwarf led her a few miles out, and brought
her to a old, run-down cottage that was nearly
falling apart. There were piles of junk everywhere
you looked.
"Dopey likes to collect everything he comes across,
we believe he is a hoarder."
"Who is 'we,?" asked the princess.
"Ah, just us seven companions, there's Bashful, Doc
which is myself, Grumpy, Happy, Dopey, Sneezy,
and Sleepy!"
"Do they live here as well,?" asked the princess.
"Yes, they certainly do!"
"Where are they?"
"Why, you're looking at us!"
The dwarf then starts to rock back and forth, falling
to the ground asleep. The princess was startled, and found a
bucket of water and threw it at him, waking him.
"Sorry my lady, Sleepy has been restless the past few days."
"Okay, let's get inside and make you a bowl of soup," said the
princess. Meanwhile, at the
White Castle, the
King becomes
worried about the
extended absence
of his daughter.
He then sends out
a search party to
find her and bring
her back to the
castle. The hunter keeps
on running, in hopes
of finding the
princess, so he won't
fail the Queen's
orders. He then
comes across the
cottage, and
goes to the window
and looks around.
He sees the princess
with a short being,
dancing to some
music being played
by a record player.
They were laughing
and dancing around
the place. The hunter then runs
back to the the Queen
and reports everything
that happened. The
Queen was furious
that he didn't bring
back the princess
like she ordered. The
hunter then tells her
about the cottage in
the Meadow.
"If you walk a few
miles out, you'll come
across a river, and a
cottage is nearby. That
is where the halfling is
keeping the princess." The Queen was happy to hear
that she knew where she could
find the princess, and started to
come up with an evil plan. The hunter
than informed her about the search
party, telling her that she will need
to act fast if she plans on bringing
the princess back before the search
party finds her. The Queen then
dismisses the hunter, and continues
to come up with her plan.
"I'll create a potion, that will
transform me into a little,
helpless old woman, and take
myself to the cottage, when the
dwarf isn't around, and ask
the princess to help the little old lady.
I'll poison an apple and offer it to her,
in reward of helping the little old lady.
She will then go out of consciousness and
fall to the ground, and then I'll bring
her back her, and destroy her, making
me, the Queen of the Black Forest, the
fairest of them all, like i deserve." Back at the cottage, the princess and
the dwarf prepare for bed. As the
princess fixes a bed for herself, she
realizes that the dwarf is sneezing
"Would like a few boxes of tissue?"
"I apologize my lady, Sneezy jusy
can't control himself today. Shut up
Sneezy! But no thank you, it'll wear
off eventually."
"Okay, but if there is anything that you
need, just tell me."
The princess and the dwarf then fall
asleep, in hopes of good dreams.
Meanwhile, the Queen, back at her
castle, prepares her potion. After
successfully preparing her
transformation potion, she then drinks
it, turning her into little old lady.
She laughs wickedly, grabs her
"apple basket" and storms off,
in search of the cottage where the
princess and the dwarf is located.
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