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Enabling a Spatial Dialogue (2010 Media Architecture Biennale Talk)

Experiments between 2003 and today for creating spaces which facilitate exchange and tangible expression

Adam Somlai-Fischer

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Enabling a Spatial Dialogue (2010 Media Architecture Biennale Talk)

Wifi camera Reconfigurable House Venice home sweatshop artisan electronics vision
before we started, this rendering was made to show what we expected to see. reality luckily is much more interesting collaborate Cat wall building shown in Beijing, Monterrey, Riga, Lancaster, Rijeka, Amsterdam, Dortmund, Sao Paolo Transmediale Berlin with Usman Haque and Bengt Sjolen Winner of the World Technology Award in the Arts with Usman Haque, 2009 assoc. TIME inc. its one canvas. but with zoom, we add lots of spacefor your ideas. and keep the overview. no-TOC. Writing in space peer production Prezi.com people building spaces 2M people use prezi SF - BUD office
50 people by dec From hacking cats
to human communication presentations thinking tool collaboration tool very active... space to create ideas Kitchen Budapest architect artist Product Innovation Cats, Pixels and Spaces Wanna join?
prezi.com/jobs www.kibu.hu www.aether.hu TED.com last decade
2 large projects a year
I'll show 4 now... interaction hacker user experience researcher coder Vision spatial writing helps thinking spatial reading
engages and is memorable remote collaboration is embedded Revolutionize how we think, write, share, learn immersive Medium started as a personal thinking and talking tool in 2000...
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