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Copy of Pocahontas

No description

Courtney Mohler

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Pocahontas

London Virginia En 1606 English ships
voyaged to America to look for gold & resources
& to settle the New World 11 year old Pocahontas was the daughter of Powhatan, the principle cheif of the tributary network of tribes in the Tidewater region of Virginia (The Powhatan Confederacy) The colonists (the Virginia Company of London) found Jamestown Her real name was Matoaka Which means "flower between two rivers" Lady Rebecca Rolfe POCAHONTAS The Clash of Two Cultures The Natives used Bows and Arrows The Gunpowder
used by the English
was the linchpin of Colonial-Pohawtan relations Do you know where it was
invented? CHINA Why did this particular young woman POCAHONTAS what do we know about her? Who is the "real" Pocahontas? We all feel we know The question is:
why? Her popularity extends far
beyond her years Featured in countless plays, paintings & films James Fort around 1610 Other colonial efforts
at this time She took on her nickname Pocahontas as her real name when she became a woman, as part of her huskanasquaw ceremony and her story
become a legend? 1. Princess "Royal" Blood
2. "Saved" a European Captain:
Key act of compliance
3. Was Baptized as "Rebecca"
4. Married an English Man Painting depicting the marriage of Pocahontas to John Rolfe by Henry Brueckner, circa 1855 John Gadsby Chapman, The Baptism of Pocahontas. 1840 Portrait engraving by Simon de Passe, 1616 Pocahontas becomes Rebecca Rolfe Benson John Lossing, ed. Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (vol. 8) (New York, NY: Harper and Brothers, 1912) Mythologized version of Pocahontas saving John Smith. Based on the engraving “Smith Rescued by Pocahontas,” by Christian Inger, 1870, Virginia Historical Society. She is, in fact, Disney's first American princess Critical Discussion Questions How does Pocahontas relate to the Indian Princess stereotype? What does she symbolize in terms of the story of America? Malinche What are the key differences between the oral history and the written history of Pocahontas' life? Does "what" really happened really matter?

In what ways in the MYTH as important (or more important) than the events? Relate Pocahontas to Malinche.

What are the key similarities and differences between their stories?

How are they each viewed within their respective cultures? José Clemente Orozco's "Cortes and La Malinche" 1926 The term malinchista refers to a disloyal Mexican.
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