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violent video games should not be banned

video games are cOOL

Anab Farah

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of violent video games should not be banned

Violent video games should not be banned!!! VIDEO GAMES RELIEVE STRESS Video games relieve stress because when a person is having a bad day they can play violent video games instead of taking there anger out bvy doing a crime or hurting someone Video games encourage team work Video games encourage teamwork because when i child is playing online they tend save team mates when there in trouble or need reviving.If a child learns these tactics while playing video games he or she if they go into the military,they will use these tactics to save lives and use teamwork When the sale video games increased the rate of crime decreased Ironically when the sale of video games increased the juvenile crime rate decreased. So that leads me to the conclusion that kids are taking there anger out on video games instead of commiting crimes. Therefore if the goverment takes away violent video games, the rate of crime will increase which means more lives will be lost. Video games are beneficial to this economy.without video games this economy would fail horribly. This country would be in the bottom without the video gaming industry.big companies like microsoft and sony would too because the xbox was created from microsoft and sony created the ps3 conclusion That is my presentation
and without video games the world will be a savage place to live in. Without video games there would be crimes every night.The economy would fail,so that means people would have to live in dumps or the slums Helps see the consequences video games provide healthy and safe opportunities for children to virtually explore rules and consequences of violent actions. Violent games also allow youth to experiment with issues such as war, violence and death without real world consequences.” For example, Kony just got a new game. He is planning to ambush a store for free goodies. Then he plays his new game, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and in one of the missions he had to steal a store. Then the police caught him and he got a $1,000,000 bail and got sentenced to death. Then Kony realized what could happen if he tried to ambush that store. All of his friends did it except him. Guess What? They faced the same consequences and wished they were in his shoes. In that example, Kony realizes the consequences of his plan. So, he doesn’t do it. That is why video games should not be banned.
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