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Programming interface & move block

No description

Maha Okal

on 1 May 2012

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Transcript of Programming interface & move block

Use this block to set your robot to:

1-Go forwards in a straight line

2-Go backwards in a straight line

3-Turn by following a curve.

4-Stop after moving.
How can we change these options!
Any Robot that you design that uses one or more Motors for motion will use
Last thing..
Let Us Start!
Now, Watch this viedo carefully to
summarize your new information:
Here you'll write the program name, after that click GO
Once You Open the LEGO NXT Program this window will appear
And here you can Open an allready saved program
Robot Educator is a series of tutorials in which you will learn how to program your robot.
Programming Palettes
The programming palettes has been divided into three different palette groupings:
Common Palette
Contains the most commonly used programming blocks.

The Common palette is recommended as a starting point.
Complete Palette
Custom Palette
Contains all various programming blocks.
Contains downloaded blocks +
you can save a program as one block that you can then reuse in other programs.
Configuration Panel
The Controller
The five buttons on the Controller communicate
your computer with the NXT brick
Download the Program
Run program on NXT device
Stop NXT device
Download and Run Selected
NXT Window
The Download and run selected button downloads and runs just a pieces of our
program code (e.g. a single block or just a few blocks).
You will then be able to see how the small sequence of your program performs on the NXT without having to download the whole program.
Downloads a program to the
NXT and then starts running the
program immidiately.
The Download button downloads the program to the NXT. You can then run the program from the NXT.
The NXT window button gives you access to the NXT memory and communication settings.
stops a running program
Each programming block has a configuration panel in which you can adjust the settings of the selected block. When a block is selected in the work area, its configuration panel becomes visible and active at the bottom of the screen.
Help & Navigation
Here you can always get help if needed
Rename NXT
Search for NXT devices
connect NXT
NXT battery level
NXT Window
This pop-up window provides information about your NXT .
1- If its connected.
2- Its name.
3- Its battery level.
5- Connection Type.
6- NXT memory status.
NXT Programming
NXT Programming
You can also creat a new program or open a saved one from File Menu
Program Interface
Get Moving..
Let us go over this important block and see what it can do.
The letters at the top right corner of the block show which of your NXT’s output ports will be controlled (a,b,c).
This icon shows which direction your robot will go.
This icon shows the power level (the speed of the Motor).
This icon shows whether you have set the Duration property to :
Unlimited Degrees Rotations

This icon shows that the Direction property is set to “stop”. This setting will stop all motors.
Configuration Panel
Select the motors you would like to control
Choose whether the motors will go forward, go backwards, or stop. Selecting Stop will also reset the motors
In this steering situation, the robot will Move in straight line, Move the slider to set a curved path for your robot
This slider and the editable input box will let you set the power level [0-100%]
Using the Duration pull-down menu, you can set the motors to run for
1- an unlimited interval,
2-number of seconds,
3-rotations [default]
By choosing Time, Rotation or Degrees you can control how far your robot will travel.
Motor Selection
Pwer Settings
Duration Settings
Choose whether the motors will brake or coast after they’ve finished their action
- If you want your robot to stop precisely at an exact location, set the motors to brake.
- if you’re not concerned about your robot stopping accurately? Then choose the Coast option.
Braking & Coasting
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