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Topographic Maps

By: Ms. Weber

Elle Bettina

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Topographic Maps

By: Ms. Weber Topographic Map Vocabulary Topography Contour Lines Elevation Topography: is the shape, or features, of the land.
Natural Features
Roads Contour Lines are represented with wiggly lines.
They show an area's:
Relief The elevation of a place is how high above sea level it is. Slope The slope of a land form or area is how steep it is.
More gradual slope = farther apart contour lines
Steeper slope = close together contour lines Relief The relief of an area is the difference between its high and low points.
Subtract the lowest elevation on a map from the highest elevation = Area's Relief Time to EXPERIMENT!! Materials - Washable Marker
- Pencil
- Worksheet
- Your Knuckle

When Finished:
-Hand Sanitizer Directions -With a clenched fist, you will draw three circles around your knuckle using the washable marker. (See Picture)

-Make sure the circles are the same distance from each other.

-Once lines are drawn, answer the following questions 1. Flatten your hand. Observe what happens. Write down your observation.

2. How does the height of your knuckles change when you clench your fist, then flatten out your hand?

3. What do you think the circles represent? Questions Finished?
Check the Done Desk! THE END!
HW: Complete Worksheets
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