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Chapter 2

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on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Careers in Health Care

16. Dialysis technicians: operate the dialysis machine that is used to treat patients with limited or no kidney function

17. Perfusionist: operate heart-lung machine during open heart surgery

K. Therapeutic Services (6)

10. Respiratory Therapist

11. Respiratory therapy technicians

12. Speech-language therapists/ speech pathologist

K. Therapeutic Services (4)

1. Occupational Therapist (OT)

2. Occupational therapy assistants

3. Pharmacists
a. dispense medication
b. provide information on drugs

K. Therapeutic Services

1. Registered nurse (RN)
a. provide total care to patient
b. Specialties:
(1) Nurse practitioner (CRNP)
(2) Nurse midwives (CNM)
(3) Nurse anesthetists
2. Licensed practical/vocational nurse (LPN)

I. Nursing Careers

3. Medical assistants (CMA)
a. Prepare patient for exams
b. Assist with procedures
c. Perform secretary/receptionist duties
d. 1-2 year HOE program or associate’s degree

F. Medical Careers cont…

2. Physician assistants
a. Perform routine physical exams
b. Make preliminary diagnosis
c. Prescribe & administer Tx
d. Bachelor’s degree; 2 or more years accredited physician certification

F. Medical Careers cont…

(10) Orthopedist: Muscle and bones

(11) Pediatrician: Children

(12) Physiatrist: Physical medicine/rehab

(13) Radiologist: Use x-rays and radiation

Medical Specialties

a. Classifications cont…
(3) Doctor of Podiatric Medicine: examine, diagnose and treat disease/disorders of the foot or leg below the knee
(4) Doctors of Chiropractic (DC)

F. Medical Careers cont… (2)

1. Types of workers
a. Health care administrators: manage operation of health care facility
b. Admitting officers/clerks
c. Central/sterile supply workers: order, maintain, and stock all the equipment and supplies used in a health care facility
d. Housekeeping/environmental service

E. Hospital/Health Care Facility Services

1. Basic job duties
2. Places of employment
3. Types of workers
a. Medical records administrators
b. Medical records/Health information technician
(1) Organize and code patient records
(2) Gather statistical data

D. Health Information and Communication Services

1. Basic job duty: Provide emergency prehospital care to victims of accidents
2. Levels of workers
a. First responder
b. Emergency medical technician ambulance/basic EMT-B
c. Emergency medical technician defibrillator EMT-D

C. Emergency Medical Services

1. Types of workers cont…
g. Radiologic technologist: use X-rays, radiation, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and MRI to Dx and Tx disease
(1) Echocardiographers: use ultrasound to Dx heart conditions
(2) MRI: uses superconductive magnets and radio waves
(3) PET: uses electrons to scan body for disease

B. Diagnostic Services cont… (3)

1. Type of workers cont…
d. Medical lab technician

e. Medical lab assistants

f. Phlebotomist: collects blood and prepare it for testing

B. Diagnostic Services cont… (2)

2. Levels of workers
a. Dentist DDS or DMD
b. Dental hygienists
(1) Work under supervision of dentist
(2) Remove stains and deposits
c. Dental laboratory technicians
d. Dental assistants

A. Dental Careers cont… (3)

UNITS 2:2 -2:14


1. Workers perform in a variety of occupations

2. Frequently hired by small facilities in rural areas

D. Multi-competent or Multi-skilled Worker

1. Professional: 4 or more years of college
2. Technologist or therapist: Requires 3-4 years of college plus work experience, usually a Bachelors degree
3. Technician: Usually requires two year associate degree or 3-4 yrs OJT
4. Assistant or aide: Usually up to one or more years of training that combines classroom and/or on the job experience

C. Training

3. Licensure
a. Government agency authorizes individual to work in a given occupation
b. Usually requires:
(1) completion of approved educational program
(2) Pass a state board test
c. Examples: MD, DDS, PT, RN

B. Certification, Licensure, Registration cont… (3)

4. Types of degrees

a. Associate’s degree: Awarded by vocational-technical or community college. Requires two year course of study

b. Bachelor’s degree: Awarded by college or university. Prescribed course of study usually lasts for four or more years

A. Educational Requirements cont… (2)

UNIT 2:1


4. Ophthalmic technicians

5. Ophthalmic assistants

6. Opticians

7. Ophthalmic laboratory technicians

M. Vision Services (2)

1. Ophthalmologist: diagnose and treat disease, perform surgery

2. Optometrists (OD): examine eyes for vision problems and defects

3. Ophthalmic medical technologist

M. Vision Services

1. Veterinarian (DVM or VMD): prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases and injuries in animals
2. Veterinary technicians (VTR)

3. Veterinarian assistants/aides (caretaker)

L. Veterinary Careers

13. Audiologists: work with individuals who have hearing impairments

14. Art, music, and dance therapists

15. Athletic Trainers

K. Therapeutic Services (5)

7. Massage therapist: uses massage, bodywork, and therapeutic touch to muscles to provide pain relief, improve lymphatic circulation, and relieve stress
8. Recreational Therapist (TR): use recreational and leisure activities as a form of treatment
9. Recreational therapists assistants

K. Therapeutic Services (3)

4. Pharmacy technicians

5. Physical Therapists (PT)
a. Provide treatment to improve mobility
b. Use exercise to prevent or limit permanent disability

6. Physical therapist assistant

K. Therapeutic Services (2)

1. Dietitians or nutritionists
a. Manage food service system
b. Assess patient’s nutritional needs

2. Dietetic technicians

3. Dietetic assistants/food service workers

J. Nutrition and Dietary Services

3. Nurse assistants
a. aka: nurse aides
b. Geriatric aides: nurse assistants who provide care for patients in long term care

4. Surgical technicians (CST)

I. Nursing Careers cont… (2)

1. Funeral director/mortician
2. Embalmers: prepare body for interment by washing the body and replacing blood with embalming fluid
3. Mortuary assistant: assist with preparation of the body for funeral service

H. Mortuary Careers

1. Psychiatrist: physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating mental illness
2. Psychologist: study human behavior; help individuals deal with problems of everyday living
3. Psychiatric/mental health technicians
4. Social workers

G. Mental and Social Services

(5) Dermatologist: Skin

(6) Gastroenterologist: Stomach/intestine

(7) Gynecologist: Female reproductive organs

(8) Oncologist: Cancer

(9) Ophthalmologist: Eye

Medical Specialties

1. Physicians
a. Classifications
(1) Doctor of Medicine (MD)
(2) Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)
Place emphasis on nervous, muscular and skeletal systems, and the relationship of the body with the mind and emotions while treating disease

F. Medical Careers

3. Types of workers cont…
c. Medical transcriptionists

d. Unit secretaries/ward clerks

e. Medical illustrators

f. Medical librarians

D. Health Information and Communication Services cont… (2)

2. Levels of workers cont…
d. Emergency medical technician intermediate (EMT-I)
f. Emergency medical technician paramedic (EMT-P): EMT at highest level of training

C. Emergency Medical Services cont… (2)

1. Types of workers cont…
h. Biomedical equipment technicians (CBETs)
(1) Install, test, service, and install equipment
(2) Perform constant maintenance

B. Diagnostic Services cont… (4)

1. Types of workers:
a. Electrocardiograph (ECG) technician
b. Electroencephalographic (EEG) tech: operate EEG to record electrical activity of brain
c. Medical lab technologist:
(1) Work under supervision of pathologist (doctor)
(2) Determine cause of disease by studying tissues, fluids, and cells

B. Diagnostic Services

1. Specialty areas cont…
c. Periodontics: Tx and prevention of diseases of the gum, bone, and structures supporting the teeth
d. Prosthodontics: replacement of natural teeth with artificial teeth and dentures

A. Dental Careers cont… (2)

1. Specialty areas:
a. Endodontics: Tx of disease of the pulp, nerves, blood vessels, and roots of the teeth
b. Orthodontics: alignment or straightening of the teeth

A. Dental Careers

1. Requirements vary from state to state
2. Students must obtain information pertinent to an individual state

G. Summary

1. Individual who organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business.
2. Many entrepreneurs must work under the direction or guidance of physicians or dentists

E. Entrepreneur

6. Continuing education units (CEUs)
a. Required to renew licenses or maintain certification
b. Individual must obtain additional hours of education

B. Certification, Licensure, Registration cont… (5)

4. Usually graduation from an accredited program required before certification, registration, and/or licensure will be granted
5. Two major accrediting agencies

B. Certification, Licensure, Registration cont… (4)

2. Registration
a. Regulatory body maintains current list (registry) of qualified personnel
b. Examples: registered dietician, registered respiratory therapist, and registered radiologic technologist

B. Certification, Licensure, Registration cont… (2)

1. Certification
a. Issued by professional association or government agency that regulates a particular career
b. Certificate or statement is issued if person fulfills requirements of education and performance and meets standards and qualifications established

B. Certification, Licensure, Registration

4. Types of degrees cont…
c. Master’s degree: Awarded by college or university. One or more years beyond a bachelors degree.

d. Doctorate: Awarded by a college or university. Two or more years beyond a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Some may require 4-6 yrs. Additional study.

A. Educational Requirements cont… (3)

1. Secondary Education
2. Health Occupations Education (HOE)
a. Secondary program in health occupations.
b. Prepares students for immediate employment and/or additional education after graduation
3. Post secondary education

A. Educational Requirements
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