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Dealing with Change

No description

Tyler Livermont

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Dealing with Change

DEALING WITH CHANGE This is what I've got for the outline so far

<Cycle of grief>

explain (fairly briefly)
How people deal with life events
7 stages
People generaly follow this
Lots of ups and downs within the cycle (this leads to figure 1)

<Show Fig 1>

Explain, this shows how the cycle affects ones state of being, during x step the mental state is y, expand
Through ought life, lots of these that all affect each other

<Fig 2 & Fig 3>

Explain how going through this cycle (on various levels) affects one's life, and each other
A bunch in a row can be harmful to mental state, cause extended crisis
Bunch of things affect intensity, duration etc. whether good outcome or bad

<Enabling factors>

1.Economic security explain, examples
2.Emotional security
4.Prior transition skills
5.Supportive work environment
6.Transition support

<Inhibiting factors>

1.Economic insecurity
2.Emotional insecurity
4.Hostile work environment
5.Poor transition management
explain, examples

<(causes of) Resistance {not sure
about this one…)>

List a few
-Answer questions People generally follow
the Cycle of Grief. Positive Factors Negative Factors High school Your The Kübler-Ross Grief Cycle 7 Steps Shock Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Testing Acceptance Enabling Factors Inhibiting Factors High school Regis Catcher in the Rye By: Andres Espineira, Gabe Feiten, and Tyler Livermont During this time, students are faced with many changes Regis presents a number of more unique changes The events at Regis serve to make these changes eaisier to accept Holden is unable to deal with a major change in his life
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