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Superflex Comes to School!

Explanation of Superflex and the Unthinkables

Victoria Di BIase

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Superflex Comes to School!

Superflex Comes to School! Created by: Victoria Di Biase -to provide nonthreatening ways for students to explore social thinking while increasing their knowledge of social expectations

-to bring awareness of their own behavior & how to modify their behavior using Superflexible strategies Purpose and Goal The 3 E's -Empowering
-Everyone Opportunities for practicing flexibility
Modeling for students who struggle to
make good choices
Promotes thinking about thinking Empowering Familiar language
Already familiar with concepts
Bulletin boards to support
Minimal effort for implementation Easy Can be flexible
Can think about how they interact with others
Can change their behavior choices on a daily basis
Everyone CAN participate in learning how to have super flexible thinking Everyone Tries to figure out people's wants and needs
Stays calm and keeps others calm while waiting his turn (to play, speak, etc.)
Great problem solver!
Thinks of several solutions to a problem Superflex Team of Unthinkables... Introducing Superflex and the Unthinkables Rock Brain

Destroyer of Fun

Space Invader

Brain Eater

Mean Jean Rock Brain Destroyer of Fun Space Invader Brain Eater Mean Jean This Unthinkable makes students... say mean things
insults others
have big reactions to small problems
have an attitude like "my way or the highway" This Unthinkable makes students... touch other people
get to close to others
make physical contact with another person This Unthinkable makes students... become very competitive
become unwilling to play games other than what he/she wants This Unthinkable makes students.. become easily distracted
be unfocused on instruction
be consumed with thoughts not related to the topic at hand This Unthinkable makes students... rigid
unable to problem solve or negotiate How do I implement this into MY classroom? Incorporate into morning routine
Use the 'Superflex' vocabulary when transitioning in the hallway, at recess, and during other appropriate times
Make the social thinking part of your classroom economies, tag system, or other positive behavioral system Teach
Reflect Reflect...on the challenges of learning social awareness, successes and struggles students have while implementing flexible thinking Teach... the students about Superflex and the Unthinkables to promote social thinking Model... appropriate social thinking both in your classroom and with other staff Practice...Give students opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of super flexible thinking! Reward them for defeating the Unthinkables Literature &
Writing Use books with characters struggling to defeat any unthinkable
Use books as good examples of a character who was able to use flexible thinking in order to achieve a desired outcome
Use BCRs and writing prompts to challenge students' social thinking skills Math & STEM Real life connections (incorporate Unthinkable names, scenarios that could lend to a discussion about social awareness, etc.)
Practice social thinking during group designing or other group work Thoughts to take away... Remember the importance of modeling and reinforcing appropriate social interactions and behavior
Consistency with your social & behavioral expectations for students in your classroom
Having an OPEN MIND to social thinking Resources: Madrigal, S. & Garcia Winner, M. (2008). Superflex ... A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum. Think Social.
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