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Children During the Civil Rights Movement

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Corinne Conklin

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Children During the Civil Rights Movement

Color Bar: Experienced segregation The Children's Crusade How the children felt Segregation Laws The Children's Crusade was when over a thousand African American students protested, by marching the streets of Birmingham, Alabama. The crusade started after Martin Luther King Jr had been arrested, which made the students want to fight for their freedom rights. The students gathered in front of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church of Birmingham, then began their march for freedom on May 2nd, 1963. What was the Children's Crusade? The Children's Crusade was caused when Martin Luther King Jr was arrested and put in jail; this had put a great impact on the lives of African American children and students.The students didn't use any violence during the protest, and were taught nonviolent direct action by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights. Over one hundred of the thousands of students that were protesting were arrested and jailed. During the Crusade, the students faced police lines and arrest. The Color Bar was bout
segregation. Life growing
up as a black was very hard.
Especially for the children. Blacks
weren't allowed to drink out
of the same water fountain or
even go to the same school. During the Children's Crusade Segregation happened in every place imaginable. Movie theaters, hospitals, libraries, taxis, restaurants, schools, jobs, buses, stores, parks, water fountains, churches, cemeteries, there was no limit. Segregation even happened on buses. If a black and a white were on the same bus then blacks had to sit in the back of the bus so that the whites could sit in the front. Also if a white person wanted to sit in a certain spot on the bus then the black would have to give up their seat so that the white person could sit there. Segregation also happened at water fountains, there would be a water fountain labeled "white" and another labeled "colored". Also blacks and whites weren't even allowed to go to the same school. After the Children's Crusade After the Children's Crusade, the local officials agreed to release any of the students that were arrested during the protest. Later, the city's board of education said that it would suspend or expel all students who participated in the crusade. The local Federal District Court upheld the ruling, but on the same day the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the decision, condemning the board of education's decision and ordering the schools to reinstate the students. What the children did to get the rights they wanted the children protested. what happened to the children was that they would order food at the counters and when they weren't served they would wait patiently and would not move. Martin Luther king Jr. helped the children by telling them once they were not served they were supposed to do nothing but wait and white people would get mad and try to start fights. This would not work because the children were to curl up in a ball and not fight back. The police would show up soon after and arrest the black kids but, when they got arrested more black students would take there place. People all over the world were doing this and by the
end of the school year 1500 students were arrested. Soon after a while even white people started joining them and chanting for them. After that they changed the law so that blacks could eat at lunch counters. The children were highly affected by segregation. A young black boy named Ben Chaney in Meridian, Mississippi told his story about growing up across the street from a white family. Ben had played with the white kids many times before, however once Ben turned 10 the white kids parents said that they were better than Ben and that they did not want Ben associating with their son. They also told Ben to refer to their son as "mister". Another black boy named Fred Shuttlesworth in Birmingham, Alabama was inside his house unlike any other day when BOOM all he heard was gunshots. Someone had tried to come in and kill him and his family just because they were black. In the moment Fred didn't know how to react, he didn't know how to feel because of the incident Fred developed a stutter. Ricky Shuttlesworth said he wanted to be just like his dad. Ricky's dad had a lot to do with trying to end segregation. Ricky said that if he could have one wish it would but that everyone was blind because then nobody would know what color everything was. Larry Russel, a black boy who lived in Birmingham, Alabama, always went to a place "Newberry's" ever since he was a little kid. There was a "white" water fountain and a "colored" water fountain, Larry and his friends wanted to know what "white" water tasted like so one day when the store was sclosing and everyone was leaving Larry and his friends took a sip of "white water they said it tasted the exact same and hat water is water. This is another of the many reasons why life as a black was very difficult. Especially for the children. Children during
the Civil Rights Movement Children sit ins Children's freedom rides Strange and pointless laws were passed because of blacks. When you think about laws what do you think of? For me I think of ruled that are passed to help protect and keep our country safe. Did you know that during the "Color Bar Period" libraries weren't allowed to have books that showed a black and white rabbit together? Also blacks and whites weren't allowed to play checkers together in public. White and black cotton mill workers were not allowed to look out of the same window. Laws like these are not helping protect our country. They are simply pointless laws discriminating against blacks. Freedom rides were when black students would go on buses, trains and planes with white people. The black students would sit with the whites and try to talk to them. The first freedom ride was in 1961 in Washington D.C. that went to new Orleans. They had to stop at bus stations on the way. When they reached Alabama there was an angry mob waiting for them. The mob slashed the tire of the bus and lit the other one on fire. The freedom riders carried on there journey by plane. When they tried it again the white people would sit with them and talk to them without a care. This made no more mob attacks occur. School segregation protest School protests were when blacks could not go to the same school as white students. Black schools were crowded which made them mad because the white schools were not packed at all. The black students wanted to split the schools but white students refused and so did white parents. Black students started to protest the Benjamin Willis law was wrong. They were threatened by the health department, welfare and education building to stop. Benjamin Willis law ended and so then blacks could go to the same school. Now all of the schools are not crowded.
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