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The Deadly Picnic

No description

Allyssa Schweisthal

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of The Deadly Picnic

The Deadly Picnic:
The Crime Scene
The Suspects
Special Notes about Suspects
Janice works full time as a cosmetologist
Elaine and Gail are school teachers
Peggy and Elaine live together in a two bedroom apartment in downtown Centerville
Gail lives in a nearby town called Jordan
Rita lives in a country house about three miles to the west of Centerville
Elaine and Janice are very petite women - they wear size 4 blue jeans
Gail and Janice are non-smokers
Janice works part time as an aerobics instructor at a health club in Centerville.
She teaches a 7:30pm step aerobics class
Peggy is deathly allergic to grapes
Peggy doesn't wear lipstick
Gail attends the aerobics class that Janice teaches. She has not missed a Friday night class in 9 months.
Lauren works at a chemical supply house
Rita's father owns a rifle range
Lauren is allergic to all species of flowering plants
Rita is a florist and doesn't wear lipstick
Janice and Elaine have never met
Janice and Gail hate the color yellow
Lauren played center for a semi-professional basketball team five years ago. She has red hair and is 6ft, 1in tall.
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