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East Africa

No description

j gentry

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of East Africa

East Africa By Jazzy and Hanson
a.k.a Louise(: Countries Burundi
Uganda Mauritius
Tanzania Landforms
Great Rift Valley
Lake Nyasa

Lake Tanganyika
Lake Victoria Climate
The equator crosses parts of East Africa, highlands are cooler and wetter than surrounding lowlands. Farmers in highlands can grow wheat, apples, and strawberrys The People
Asians and Arabic speaking people
Blend of heritages of Asia and Africa
Some people moved to Mauritius and Madagascar
Some coutires are threatened due to increase violence, weapons refuges, and law less
Islam is not commened, highly diverse ethnic groups, some are mulsim Governments All countries are a form of republic, except for Somalia which is transitional, Physical Geography Traditional People CITATIONS Julie rahinowitz, Christopher Harbs, and Carrie Gibson, Ajourney the Africa, Asia and the Pacific Realm, Salt Lake City Utah, Gibbs Smith and NC State, 2008. Peter Lewis, Virginia Carter, and Peter Mitchell, People and cultures of Africa-- Nations and Personalities, NYC, Chelsea House Publishers, 2006 Jenson Elliot, Cunthia, East Africa, San Diego, CA, The Fiale Group, 2002 Grolieronline Ciafactbook.gov google.com ALSO THANK YOU AUStIN CROTTS AND WILL EDWARDS FOR THE IDEA OF PUTTING FRAMES INSIDE OF LETTERS THE END!!! ANY QUESTIONS??? ? ? ?
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