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How can advancements in the Technology industry affect Brill

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Callum Morgan

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of How can advancements in the Technology industry affect Brill

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
How can Advancements in the Technology Industry affect Brilliant Red as a Marketing Consultancy?
Sinfield Business Model

What does it entail?

What makes it suitable to Brilliant Red?
PESTEL Analysis
Context, Theory and Change + Consultancy Industry

Market Research

Brilliant Red development to date
The Consultancy Industry
Industry Worth
Industry Growth

What is Brilliant Red?
What do they do?

Economic Crisis
How detrimental was the recession for marketing consultancies?

What opportunities did this provide for Brilliant Red and marketing consultancies?
Brilliant Red Compared to Others
What is the difference between Brilliant Red and 'Brand Name' Consultancies

Are there any advantages to being a smaller firm?
Brilliant Red's Advantage
Target Market

Consumer needs

How can Brilliant Red satisfy their needs?

Consumer access to service

The value chain

How will they earn a profit?
Sinfield Business Model
Political Factors
Economic Factors
Social Factors
Technological Factors
Environmental Factors
Legal Factors
Moving Forward
Development relationship with University of Ulster

Relationship Marketing

Digital skills - CMI + CMO = CMT

Technology Advancements

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
Everything considered, we believe the technological advancements have created a great opoortunity for Brilliant Red to advance and grow in the future.
Have Brilliant Red shown signs of innovation?

Have they gained an advantage through innovation?
Governments & agencies under budgetary scrutiny - spending & debt

Austerity - 2015: £35bn 2019: £55bn

Executive agencies/ Non-departmentals provide recuperation - Invest NI
Consulting = cyclical: Recession in 2008

Now: 9.9% growth

Public sector shrunk due to austerity - However, demand remains strong

Private sector - consultants needed in locating new growth opportunities

Support needed for ambitious, transforational change in public sector
Demand to invest in new products & services fueled by carefulness during recession
Barriers: N.I = risk adverse; near bottom in every innovation category in U.K
IT & Digital: fastest growing
Digital is important,but rarely understood
Big data analytics = emerging trend - creates level playing field due to speed & measurable output
Disruption is occuring through digital firms - non-traditional business models e.g BeyondCore, Motista
Consulting environment based on service marketing - Intangible?
Relationship Marketing - CRM
CSR at Brilliant Red - not a current priority
Brilliant Red est. 1997
Became a private limited company in 2013
- perception of professionality
- tax planning flexibility
- shareholder responsibiity for liabilities = limited
- Higher Tax
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