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Phonetic class 2013

No description

Sebastián Lillo

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Phonetic class 2013

Phonetics Assistantship First Class seba.lillo.s@gmail.com Phonetics Phonology Studies phonic substance. Studies the selection, function and organisation of phonic substance Specific
General Closely connected with: Abstract language's aspects.
Physical and physiological activity. Representation of: Performance variables.
Ideal pronunciation. Concerned with: Allophones.
Phonemes. Articulatory Acoustic Auditory The Director's cut/cart. Minimal Pairs The ugliest heels/hills I've ever seen. That's a serious sin/scene. Can you feel/fill it? Put away that litter/letter. A tiny red heart/hat. It's a beta/bitter version. I'm not paying for this bell/bill! Several people went to the match/march I've got a bad uncle/ankle. You'll find some desks/discs right there. I've got a dirty buck/back. Have you made a well/will yet? Stop begging/bugging me! That's a large cup/carp. Come on, Harry/hurry! It's butter/better. It was a heavy bat/bet.
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