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Acid Rain

A description and solution to the calamitous problem of acid rain.

michael cornette

on 22 March 2012

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Transcript of Acid Rain

Acid Rain Biologist Chemist Solutions Final Solution Ecologist Natural sources: volcanoes and decaying matter Man made sources: emissions of sulfur dioxide
and nitrogen oxides from fossil fuel combustion pH of acid rain is 4.6-5.5 Wet desposition: acidic precipitation including:
-fog/mist Dry desposition: acidic smoke or dust in
dry and desert-like climates Scrubbers: liquid gas filters that remove up to
95% of sulfuric acids Controlling emissions from vehicles and factories Utilize alternative energy sources instead of fossil fuels
such as: solar, wind, hydroelectric, or nuclear energy Scrubber HI This is a map of the
pH of acid rain in
the United States in 1999.
The data has probably
changed in the last decade. As you can see, the
most acidic rain is in
the Northeast, mainly
in industrial areas, like
New York and New
Jersey This is low sulfur
coal, which will
help control
emissions made
by power plants and
factories Forest fires caused by NOx can cause great damage to the wildlife in these enviroments. Our solution to acid rain is
the scrubber. A scrubber is
a liquid gas filter that removes
80-95% of sulfur dioxide(SO2),
but not all nitrous oxides(NOx).
The scrubber works by collecting
the sulfur dioxide and adding lime,
which makes a slurry, or a thick
suspension of solids in a liquid.
This process results in a slurry of
calcium sulfite, which is hard to
get rid of. However, calcium
sulfite can be oxidized and made
into gypsum, which can be marketed
for use in the building products
industry. This picture shows a flower before an acid rain storm. An animal drastically effected by acid rain is the terrestrial snail. Snails depend on the soil to secrete their shells. Because of the soil becoming acidic, the snails can't secrete their shells and cannot live. Other animals that are most effected by acid rain are: -Clams
-North American amphibians
-Periphytic algae
-Atlantic salmon
Nutrients and microbes in soil are killed by acid rain
therefore plants cannot grow. If the pH of acid rain is less than 5, fish will perish. The food chain becomes defected if at least one species becomes affected, which is a catastrophic effect in any ecosystem. Acid rain corrodes buildings and landmarks made of stone, steel, and even tarnishes the paint on cars. Devastation from a forest fire caused by nitrogen oxides Acid rain is really a mild solution of nitric acid(HNO3) and sulfuric acid(H2SO4) in precipitation. Likewise, these acids are made because of the emissions released into the air from automobiles and factories. Low sulfur coal: coal from Wyoming is very low in sulfur compared to Eastern coal. Wyoming coal is only about .4-.6%, while Eastern coal is about 3-5+%. Scrubbers are normally about $16,600-
$145,000 but each scrubber material
and type differs. Although the scrubbers remove the toxic gases, they increase the electricity generation
cost by 10 to 15%, which is a downside for this solution. average acid rain pH Finance Cost
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