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this is my prezume for prezi u ambassador and for the ones who are interested in ... :)

Ahmed Yousify

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of prezume

Prezi Values
The Professional Life of
Ahmed Yousify
I'm an ambition person and dedicated student with
three years
of experience in universities environments
Email Address
City, State
Ahmed Yousify
Astronomy Website
Photo editing
Playing Guitar , Creating New Things , Traveling,
Environment Care ...
University Of Zakho
Work Experience
July 2010 - Current Date
The Responsible of Shorash neighborhood For Changing Flags
I Changed Many Of Buildings (Kurdistan)flags that have being damaged or faded , with brand new flags .
Special Training:
Personal Website Mixed
Up On Request. :D
College Of Science
Computer Science Department
Kurdish ,
English ,
Arabic Languages
and a little bit spanish
Creating a Dictionary
Creating a Dictionary in 3 languages for pc (English,Kurdish,Arabic)
More Info
Ahmed Loqman Mostafa Yousify
FullName :
Birthday :
Football , Basketball , Reading , Smiling ...
Life Smiler
NickName :
Changing The World With Simple Things
GPA : 3.7 (A-)
The first month for me as an Ambassador
to enhance Prezi’s "presence" on my campus
is to
1-make prezi well known to all students and teachers and managers inside the university
2-make a special presentation , and the invite is for every one , so that all of them could benefit from it
3-create a prezi about a lecture in a specified subject , and try to present it behalf of the teacher , and so that the teacher could also do the same

and it will be like this
being an ambassador
Prezi Values
These two prezi values i admire and cherish the most
1- We help people share ideas

We believe that all good things about humanity start with people sharing ideas. Prezi inspires creative thinking, connects people through meaningful discussions, and constructs beautiful stories.
We see presentations
as a snapshot
in time and believe that each
prezi lives both before and after a specific presentation. From the moment of jotting down a random thought to the chance to tell the story of a lifetime, we think ideas matter and have the potential to change the world. We want Prezi to help every step of the way.
2- We engage with our surroundings

We’re interested in the big picture and the things immediately close to us. Our product and our employees cross barriers to improve the world
around us
We are not afraid to take the side of the disadvantaged. Each winter since Prezi’s founding, our company has renovated the homes of Roma families, a historically disadvantaged ethnic group, around Budapest. This experience has helped us to better understand ourselves and our society.
Thank U :)
Some Facts
I was 4 years old when my parents sent me to school , and now
i am 19 years old in 3rd grade at the computer science dept. thx to them.

i was translating the lecture to my fellow students from arabic to Kurdish , and at the end of the year the teacher named me the translator that has high ethics :)
Made Smiling so popular thing to do in The University , one day my mom said what did u do to them , every one that i meet and has contacted with has never stopped smiling ... =)
I was the first one to create a poster on the wall about computers in our computer science department ...
The Youngest student in my year of study
The Average Age Of Entering college was 18 years and i was 16 ...
Always hard working and contributing , never giving up, but never been appreciated before
And at the end line , i have my hopes that with Gods willing ,i will be a prezi ambassador and help improve the world , even with simplest things ... :)
Thank You !!!
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