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Factory Systems

No description

Faith Smith

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Factory Systems

Factory Systems By: Ellie & Faith Capitalists were involved in factory systems. They invested in a business in order to make a profit.
They built factories and hired workers to run the machines. Workers earned daily or weekly wages and worked a set number of hours each week. Who was involved? Factory systems brought workers and machinery together in one place to produce goods. What did it do? Factory systems were used in the 1800's. When was it used? In the north. The climate and soil was not good for agriculture so trade and business and cities had developed industrialization was the next logical step. Where did it have the most impact? Why are factory systems important enough to be in history books? New inventions led to a new way of producing goods ("Cottage" industry to factory systems). How did it change American life in 1800's? With bewildering speed, the industrial revolution changed the world from a society of farmers to a society dominated by manufacturers. As the factory system grew, the nation's cities grew too. What did it look like?
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