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The Giver Project (playlist) By: Lila Mayers 8th period L.

No description

lila mayers

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of The Giver Project (playlist) By: Lila Mayers 8th period L.

Song: A Thousand Miles-Vanessa Carlton
Song: Can't be Tamed- Miley Cyrus
This song relates to Chief Elder in many ways. In a particular scene in the book though. It stated on pg 69-70 and on chapter 9. It was when the Chief Elder was stating each rule of the community. So how each rule couldn't be broken or a person would have to be release into elsewhere. The Chief Elder relates to this song because she wants things her way and always has to get her way.

Song: Theme Song to Caillou
The Giver Project (playlist) By: Lila Mayers 8th period L.A
This song relates to Jonas in a particular scene( in the book). The particular scene was on chapter 23 page 174-175.Its when Jonas was walking to elsewhere with the baby Gabe. During the scene I think of this song because Jonas is being independent. By taking care of Gabe and finding his way in the world.
^Creds: to youtube
Hope you liked my project
Creds: to Youtube^
This song relates to Lily in a particular scene ( in the book ). The particular scene was on chapter 2 on pg 12 - 13 describing Lily. It as how she was learning how to learn her name and conversations at home when Lily was younger. Jonas was only 4 becoming a 5 that year at the time but he was required to teach her those things. Also on pg 13 it states how Lily is becoming a 9 and getting her bicycle and how proud she was. This song relates/reminds me of this song because Lily is getting older and learning things. Also is acting proud just how it describes her in chapter 2.

Song: Keep your head up- Andy Grammer
Creds to youtube^
Creds to youtube^^
Creds to youtube^^
This song relates to Asher in a particular scene ( in the book). It states on chapter 3 page 24-25 when Asher is acting super excited. Also talking to Jonas and being clumsy dropping an apple. Asher relates/reminds me of this scene in the book. It's because to always be happy and like the song says keep your head up.

This song relates to Jonas in a particular in the book. On chapter 12 and pg 94 it states Jonas when he saw color which was
. This song relates to scene because it was like magic to Jonas. When he saw a color and nobody else in his community saw color. The scene in the book reminds me of Jonas by the way he is so happy and interested in the color that the Giver helps him see. Also the Giver shows him color more clearly and its like magic to him like the song.
Song: Magic- Coldplay
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