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Whale Talk

No description

Michael Becker

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Whale Talk

Whale Talk Imagine small town high school life No, smaller than the TwIP Now pick the classic group of social outcasts A place where athletes rule the school Impossible, right? And make those outcasts become the powerful atheltes Sprinkle in a pinch of racism, Two parts Rigid Social Classes and you have the setting of Whale Talk ...as swimmers The easiest of all targets in the athlete genre ...because of one thing Who could do this? Maybe a black student ...who is also japanese ...and White ...who is hated by all of the other athletes because he is a phenomenal athlete but chooses not to participate in school sports. Oh yeah, his name is The Tao Jones (TJ Jones) Yeah, that's his name...for realsies By Chris Crutcher TJ sees an opportunity to flip Cutter High on its head by changing what an athlete is
(white, privledged, stereotypical) Of course the stereotypes won't like this His inspiration is Chris Coughlin a mentally challenged student whose deceased brother was a Cutter High athletic legend He also finds a few more 'outcasts' Like the one-legged sociopath The overweight The brain a quiet bodybuilder Themes: Identity Acceptance Standing up and picking battles Redemption THE SPEEDO! and a varsity jacket is the most important item to possess
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