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present simple training

No description

Jesse James

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of present simple training

Keep Fighting!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! This Form is VERY So, We will have to use our..... DO/DOES Do you eat lunch everyday? Week 5: Grammar Training Present Simple He eats bananas everyday. I ride the bus sometimes. We study all the time!!! My father works in at Samsung. Those guys smoke cigarettes....ewwwwww My sister studies at Seoul National University. Americans eat too much!! My friend drinks everyday. They walk to class. My mother cooks every morning. Obama flies in Air Force One. We watch TV every Sunday night. LEVEL THREE Difficult, and
Confusing, SPARTA TRAINING DON'T/DOESN'T Yes, I eat lunch everyday. Yes, I do eat lunch everyday. These two answers are the same. Yes Answers: No Answers: No, I don't eat lunch everyday. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! The "Yes I do eat lunch everyday."
"Yes she does eat lunch everyday" Form is not used a lot, and makes students very confused!!!! For our class: Please answer "yes" answers with no: "DO" OR "DOES" Only answer "yes"answers with the form of the verb which connects to the person..... He eats... I walk.... She works... My father drives.... 85% of the time 15% of the time No, He doesn't eat lunch everyday. ETC...... They drink..... My friend plays.... He does eat... I do study..... My father does drive.... She does work.... I do walk.... NOTE!!! These are correct...but for our training we will not use these forms.... "S" or no "S" eat eats drive drives wake wakes QUESTION AND Do you eat kimchi every day? Yes, I eat kimchi everyday. ANSWER FORMAT BASIC FOR YOUR SPARTA TRAINING QUESTION: Do you ride the bus everyday? Yes, I ride the bus everyday. No, I don't ride the bus everyday. Yes, she rides the bus everyday. No, she doesn't ride the bus everyday. Do they ride the bus everyday? Yes, they ride the bus everyday. No, they don't ride the bus everyday. This is SPARTA!!!!! Does she ride the bus everyday? No, I don't eat kimchi everyday. Does he eat kimchi everyday? Yes, he eats kimchi everyday. Yes, he does eat kimchi everyday. No, he doesn't eat kimchi everyday. Yes, I do eat kimchi everyday These are correct!! Remember please!! But, in our class we will not use these forms. They are confusing and difficult. And only used very rarely. Now..... She doesn't sing. PLEASE WRITE THIS DOWN IN YOUR NOTEBOOK OK..... Please open your touchstone book to page 33 Let's try this together. answers sings dream read work I don't play. You don't help. Do I play? Do you help? Does he answer? Does it rain? It doesn't rain. We don't dream. Do you read? They don't work. I You HE SHE IT THEY WE JESSE QUESTION AFFIRMATIVE(YES) NEGATIVE(NO) Do I drive to school? Yes, I drive to school. No, I don't drive to school Does she study English? Yes, she studies English. No, she doesn't study
English. Does Jesse have two brothers? Yes, he has two brothers. No he doesn't have two brothers. Do we laugh in our class? Yes, we laugh in our class. No, we don't laugh in our class. Please: Fill in the blank spaces in your notes..... You have five minutes..... UNIT 4 Good job so far.... "EVERYDAY LIFE" Hello Welcome to class... SAY HELLO TO YOUR FRIENDS................. STAND UP PLEASE!!!!!!!! Do you remember???? How was your weekend??????? It was __________. good great terrible boring tiring fun excellent terrific exhausting cool relaxing What did you do? I went to the movies. I ate lunch with my cousin. I drank soju. I met my friends.
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