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University of London 2015 Sustainability Report

A great year for sustainability at the University of London. Go full screen to access our report. Click on the segments you are interested in, with more information found in InfoCircles, or glide through the report by pressing the right arrow key.

Jack Connors

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of University of London 2015 Sustainability Report

32% reduction since 2010
Scope 1 + 2 emissions
If we were still using the same amount of energy as we were in 2010, we would be spending...
...more a year on energy.
We are saving 5,413 tCO e a year
. This is equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of around 540 UK households
All major building projects follow
our sustainable building specification. Developed in line with
BREEAM outstanding
Programme Beveridge continues to focus on sustainability - aiming to achieve the
Ska Rating
for the fit out of the lower ground floor project
The University has maintained its
accreditation, aiming to update its accreditation to
ISO 14001:2015
over the next two years
The University’s Master Plan Study of the estate in Bloomsbury is creating a
20 year vision for University

and College development
, including:
Low / no-carbon technologies
A re-invigorated and extended Bloomsbury Heat & Power network
More green and open space
Increases in biodiversity
Better routes for pedestrians and cyclists
This provides the basis for a long term sustainable future for the University of London
The University has recently switched electricity suppliers from Npower to Smartest Energy
This means that 100% of our electricity now comes from these renewable sources:
We now have
100% smart meter coverage
across the University estate
We have been awarded "
Carbon Champion
" Status by the Camden Climate Change Alliance, for year on year reductions and championing carbon reductions throughout the local community
We are a member of the
Bloomsbury Heat and Power Consortium
This is a CHP network serving many different buildings across the Bloomsbury estate.
The CHP network is due an upgrade in 2020, and planning has begun. We hope to move towards
a low carbon power and heating source
staff Sustainability Champions
are a key part of our success, and continue to drive down energy use and increase recycling
During our last switch-off campaign, the Champions racked up 89 actions between them
The Champions have been recognised for their efforts by the Camden Climate Change Alliance...
... who awarded the "Team Green" award to the Champions for their innovative work
Our bees on the roof of 17 Russell Square continue to pollinate the local area...
why bees?
Bees pollinate 1/3 of the food we eat
The global bee population has declined in recent years
Urban areas provide a surprisingly good environment for bees!
10 more staff have completed our beekeeper training course!
The University's recycling rate continues to improve...

In November 2015 we recycled 72% of all our waste
This year's average is at 65%, we continue to work towards our
80% by 2020 target
Through the Warp-it online reuse system, the University has saved:
8,026kg of waste from going to disposal
15,577 kgCO
Our students in the Halls of Residence donated 872 bags of their unwanted stuff to the British Heart Foundation
rasing an etimated...
Reduce the Juice

is the Univerity's sustainability competition run throughout our Halls of Residence
We are currently focussing on reducing student energy use, through photo competitions, events and social media campaigns
Water use and recycling will be a future focus of Reduce the Juice
We currently have 29
Sustainability Action and Engagement Leaders

The SEALs team consists of students from all our Halls of Residence
Students get involved in existing projects, such as Reduce the Juice, as well as designing and implementing their own projects
The new procurement policy has been written in line with the requirements of
ISO 14001:2015
Life cycle considerations
are taken throughout the procurement process, ensuring that sustainability considerations are taken from:
Sustainability has been a key focus throughout the development of our new
Facilities Management contracts
to be implemented in 2016,
embedding sustainability into our activites
Part-time Carnivore encourages students living in our Halls of Residence to go
meat free
on certain days of the week
This has proven a success, and our catering team now provide extra
vegetarian options on Mondays
to reduce the carbon associated with eating meat
Sustainable Food and Fairtrade Policy
ensures that sustainability is embedded into our catering services
All catering from the University's hospitaility meets the:
The University has partnered with
St. Mungo's Broadway
and has raised money through various initiatives:
Senate House abseil
Photographic Society events
Staff Choir events
We are an active member of the
London University Environment Group
The Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges
, collaborating to increase sustainability throughout London and the UK
Sustainable Food and Fair Trade Policy
ensures we contribute to the global community by trading fairly
The University hosts the
SAS, Being Human and Bloomsbury Festivals
The University entered into the
London Cycle Challenge
once again in 2015:
As a whole, staff cycled
4,468 miles
We came
in London
between 8th and 28th June
kgCO compared to driving to work
kgCO compared to getting a bus to work
Allowing us to identify energy wastage and make more savings across the estate
During walk to work week the University walked a total of
1,923 miles
Ranking us:
29th out of 1,526 organisations nationally!
Our Champions were directly responsible for saving 190 tCO
during 2015, saving £52,355 in energy bills
In line with the Univesity's CSR Policy
12% more than our 20% by 2015 target

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