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jose barron

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of joints

SeE iF yOu CaN MaKe It oUt AlIvE!!! JoInT's LoOk'S LiKe YoU mAdE It oUt AliVe!! This was Joint's brought to you by:
Jose Barron, Camille Khan, Josh Meador,
Taylor Scott, Jacob Belossantos, Anthony Perez SYNOVIAl JOINTS

Josh's slide - Immovable or fixed joints which no
movement between the bones is

- Synarthoses is the cause of immovable movements
it is a strong white collagen fibers.

- Three types of Fibrous Joints
1. Sutures
2. Syndesmoses
3. Gomphoses Fibrous Joints
Jose's slide Sutures Gomphosis Syndesmoses Ball & Socket Joint

Camille's slide Joint in which a spherical knob
or knob-like part of the bone
fits into a cavity or socket of
another. They have the most range
of movement, yet are the common
joint prone to disease. Ball & Socket Joints are
also called spherical joint Ligaments Bones are held together by
ligaments, tough whitesh bands
of connective tissue. Articulations The area between two or more
bones joined together is known
as a joint or also known as an
articulation If ligaments are stressed too much
they can stretch, climinisl, their
function, or they can even tear •THE SYNOVIAL JOINT, OR DIARTHROSIS, IS ONE OF THE MOST COMMON JOINTS IN MAMMALS Synovial Joints are the most moveable of any joints. Synovial joints have synovial fluid for lubrication and capsules around the surface of the synovial joints. The capsules and lubricating fluid are what make synovial joints unique. There are seven kinds of synovial: Gliding joints, hinge joints, pivot joints, condyloid joints, saddle joints, ball and socket joints and compound joints. Each one of those joints serves its own specific purpose in the body. Vocabulary
Kim's slide Most highly developed in the large shoulder and hip joints of mammals Synarthrosis
Joints A bony junction that is immovable and is connected by solid connective tissue, comprising the fibrous joints and the cartiliginous joints. -several immovable articulations Hinge Joints

Taylor's slide Places in the the human skeleton where the end of the bones meet and rotate uniaxally in a single plane Hinge joints are also called ginglmi or ginglymus joints The hinge joint is the simplest type of joint acting like hinges on a cabinet or door to provide the back and forth movement The inter pnalamgeal (finger) and humeroulnar (elbow) joints the knee is also a hinge joint. Pivot Joints

Jacob's slide Joint in which a bone rotates around another. A joint permitting only rotating movement Pivot joints also known as votery joints There are three main pivot joints and only three.
1. Neck
2.Arm by forearms
3.Elbows Gliding Joints

Anthony's slide The gliding joints prevent the bones from rubbing up against each other. It prevents them from gliding down and causing may injuries. Gliding joints are found in three places
3.spine another name for gliding joints are plane joints or arthrodial joints, is seen or recognized as flat bone diarthroses that is limmitted in motion by ligaments. Question's? 1. How many pivot joints are in the body?
2.How many joints are in your body?
3.True of false the fibrous joint is a unmovable joint?
4.Where are the gliding joints located ?
5.Synovial joints are the most common joints in mammals?
6.There are ______ types of synovial joints
7.True of false the fibrous joint is effected with synovial membrane?
8.What is another name for ball-and socket joints?
9.True of false Ball-and socket joints have the most range of movement?
10.What is a hinge joint ? 1.3
2.200 joints
4.ankles/ wrist/spine
8.spherical joints
10. Places in the human skeleton where the end of the bones meet and rotate uniaxally in a single plane.
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