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Klondike Gold Rush

Neil and Robin

bhangra 123

on 12 July 2015

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Transcript of Klondike Gold Rush

On August 16, 1896, an American prospector named George Carmack, his wife Kate Carmack, her brother Skookum Jim and their nephew Dawson Charlie were travelling south of the Klondike River fro advice from Robert Henderson, another prospector. They began looking for gold on Bonanza Creek, then called Rabbit Creek. It was not clear who discovered the gold. Gold was along the river in huge quantities. However George Carmack and Skookum Jim claimed that they found it.
Klondike Gold Rush
We are going to talk about the Klondike Gold Rush
By: Neil and Bhupinder and Dylan
What was the Klondike Gold Rush?
Problems Faced During The Journey
Who found the Klondike Gold? and Where?
Klondike River
George Carmack
There were many problems the prospectors had to face in order to complete their journey to get free gold.
100,000 people

that wanted to go
only about 30,000
reached and an incredible amount of
4000 had found some gold
. Majority of the people had nothing in fact they lost money in traveling to reach the location. A huge amount of people got nothing in their journey. However the arrival of the people was great for the airports in the Yukon because the airports made well over a billion dollars. Another

was that

meaning that
so much
it was
on and
freezing point of water



or more years.
Since the soil had hardened up so much some then
some people had decided to buy the gold from the ones who found it.
How does Dawson City relate to The Klondike Gold Rush?
Dawson City, Yukon is known of the world-famous Klondike Gold Rush.
In August of 1896, George Carmack and Skookum Jim found gold in Rabbit Creek, now called Bonanza Creek, and changed the history of the Yukon . Thirty thousand miners, prospectors, storekeepers, saloon keepers, bankers and gamblers from different surrounding countries travelled through snow filled mountains and down the Yukon River to recieve their claim to fortune on creeks with names like Eldorado, Bonanza, Last Chance and Too Much Gold
. Most seekers found no gold at all. Today, gold seekers still visit Dawson City. Some come for the gold in the Klondike gold fields while others come for the gold in the hearts of those who call Dawson City home. Some come for golden moments in the wild and others for the golden memories that will be known for their whole lifetime.
In 1898 eight percent of those living in the Klondike were women, and in towns like Dawson City this rose to 12 percent. Many women arrived with their husbands or families, but others travelled alone. Most came to the Klondike for similar economic and social reasons as male prospectors.
Dawson Charlie
Kate carmack
Robert Handerson
Skook Jim Mason
A picture of how they travelled to the Klondike
Gold Dealers
How they traveled
Thank you for watching. We hope you enjoyed it :)
Important Fact
How the people had to find gold at the gold rush
The people had a sand shaker, Grub Hoe, Grape Hoe, Wheel hoe and a Sluice along to get the gold because its so hard finding little peices of gold it makes it easier with a sand shaker. Sand shaker is a tool that shakes the sand and makes the little gravel go out and still have the big pieces of gold in the shaker so thats helped people to find gold. Some people brought a grape hoe and grub hoe to help them to dig so they can get the gold. So thats how people found some of the gold. Some people used wheel hoes what that does is that its like a wheel that just clears off the mud and you can see the gold clearly and those are some of the tools that were used in the gold rush. Last but not least a Sluice was one of the best tool to collect gold. It looks like is a long tray open from both bottoms its usually held in places like rivers and creeks or maybe large rocks and its stacked up on large flat rocks when you are ready startd to drop in something it will clealy give you the little picecs only.
Grub Hoe
Grape Hoe
Sand shaker
Wheel hoe
The Klondike Gold Rush was also known as the Alaska Gold Rush or the Yukon Gold Rush. The

Gold Rush
was on
August 16 1896.
Klondike Gold Rush
an estimated
100,000 prospectors

went to
Klondike Region of Yukon in 1896
by George Cormack and Skookum Jim.



San Francisco
huge amount
of people started to

Klondike Region
started to dig for gold
Where they Stored their gold
How they got there and Problems Faced
The heavy equipement they had to hold and climb the mountains.
This is a picture of the massive crowdings of gold miners.
To go to the gold rush the miners had to pick one of two pathways which were either the Chilkoot Trail or the White pass trail. The White Pass Trail originated from Skagway Alaska. The White Pass was where Jefferson Smith and his gang had taken control of the town. His plan was to steal the equipement and the money the prospectors had brought with them. However switching the trails wasnt a very bright idea since it was much more steeper and dangerous but it had less outlaws. Some Prospectors had become sick or died because of eating the meat of the dead horses found on the trail. The NWMP had stopped some Klondikers who did not have enough food for an year from the border.
Diseases in the Klondike
In Dawson City the population of 500 then rose to 30,000. Dawson City was usually a unsanitary town and did not have that many clean up facilities. As the population drastically grew the amount diseases carried on with it meaning that the diseases were a big problem during the gold rush. Dawson City had suffered from many fires, high prices and epidemics.
Klondike Gold Rush
How people got there food from the ground for ex: Fishes and etc.

1.Who found the gold? Give at least 3 names and when did they find the gold?
2. How many people migrated to Yukon when they heard about The Klondike Gold Rush?
3. What else is The Klondike Gold Rush known as?
4. What are the 2 states that started too migrated first when they heard on the news?
5. True or false did people get killed in their journey to the gold Rush?
6. How much does the gold worth right now in price of US and Canada money?
Question and answer
The Klondike Gold Rush was a frenzy of gold rush immigration to and gold prospecting in the Klondike near Dawson City in the Yukon Territory, Canada, after gold was discovered in the late 19th century.
Today the klondike gold rush worthes abouts
million of canadian dollars and
Billion of US dollars.
Some of the tools that were used in the Klondike Gold Rush..
The "49ers" was the nickname given to the gold miners in California. They received that nickname because of the year that gold was discovered.
Football Fact ----->
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