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Media Representations of Alcohol

No description

Daniel Curtis

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Media Representations of Alcohol

media representations of alcohol news bulletin advertisements fictional programme shameless skins eastenders phil mitchell known as an alcoholic main portrayal of characters is drinking and partying. one major setting is in a pub and the main character, frank gallagher, is an unemployed alcoholic who looks very scruffy, smokes heavy and is found in the pub. this is a strong portrayal of an alcoholic who lives in urban area. it follows students in sixth form and gives a general representation of what sixth form students behave like britain has been portrayed as the worst country for underage drinkers. newspapers and news articles have portrayed this as 'hoodie' behaviour which is a serious issue in britain alcohol has become such an iconic part of britain as we are considered the worse country in europe for binge drinking when alcohol has been portrayed in news articles, it has never had positive publicity. news articles and bulletins are more focused on how negative alcohol influences people. the news mediates the representation on the world and turns it into negative aspect. therefore it gives alcohol a negative representation as eastenders portrays people living in britain, phil mitchell portrays a typical alcoholic who is surrounded by negative attitudes and has an aggresive attitude towards others around him. he is constantly seen in moments where his aggressive side takes control dan curtis advertisements are used to sell products, so this shows alcohol in a positive representation as they are trying to sell the product. most adverts of alcohol show the characters having fun. this portrays alcohol as a positive representation as it promotes fun and laughter. some portray beauty, like the disaronno advert where the woman seductively licks her lips too portray how 'gorgeous' it is.
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