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Expanding the Cellular Network in Bocas del Toro, Panama

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noah haas

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Expanding the Cellular Network in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Cellular Network in Bocas del Toro, Panama
Existing infrastructure adequately provides cellular service to primary population centers
-Bocas Town on Isla Colon
-Bastimentos Town on Bastimentos
Large segments of the population continue to live just outside the range of existing deployments
There are dozens of communities that presently are deprived of cellular access due to topographical limitations and the myriad challenges to expansion inherent to the area.
The region supports an already robust and growing ecotourism industry
From fishing and diving to jungle excursions to eco-lodges, the region is poised to continue as a tourist destination, and would benefit tremendously from a more comprehensive wireless network
There is also a significant population of expats and cruisers that call Bocas home for at least a portion of the year.
Many live on islands or anchor in suitably calm waters devoid of existing network coverage. Some use cellular repeaters to enhance their access to cellular services.
The proposed sites for new equipment would immediately provide service to thousands.
New installations will afford cellular companies exclusive access to a large, untapped market. These proposed sites are possible due to the extensive knowledge and relationships we have fostered in the region.

For the indigenous Ngobe, access to a communication network promises enhanced medical care, expanded educational opportunities, and an entree into the economic fold, as well as simply providing a forum for communicating with family members.
This project lays the foundation for profound improvements to life in Bocas
For the tourism industry, it will provide an environment that tourists are comfortable with, the ability to leverage social media and facilitate promotional activities, and the ability to call upon emergency response personnel
Expats and cruisers will be able to communicate as they are accustomed to, realizing no diminished services. They will have improved security, access to the internet, and a better perceived quality of life.
Government services will improve , or at least be more accessible
Scientific activities in the area--turtle research, coral reef monitoring, Smithsonian, other organizations...--will be easier to accomplish and publish
Community organizing and development projects will be easier to coordinate and accomplish
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